Team Tiff

Team Tiff

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My personal journey has gifted me not only with my physical body – but with my much-improved mentality as well. My mindset is constantly evolving and improving, and fitness has allowed me to completely transform my relationship with both food and exercise.

I have obtained knowledge, both scientific and in the personal sense, and I truly believe that it has given me power. I want to be able to help you learn the value of all that I have learned and help you tap into your personal power and reach your full potential.

I believe that being accountable to someone is the key to ensuring consistent progress is made over time. My monthly membership programme ensures that.

Photo 7-15-16, 15 08 21What My Plans Include

Full consultation based on your exercise & nutrition history, your current goals and mindset. I fully evaluate where you currently stand using my training enquiry form, linked below.

One-on-one customised coaching (no cookie cutter plans here!!) with progressive plans to suit your goals.

Weekly check in’s via email/whatsapp. Check in’s include programme adjustments as needed.

A copy of my Nutritional Advice & Macro Guide documents.

I am always on hand for support and to answer any questions, and you will always have access to  the Team Tiff community.

And finally, by being a member of Team Tiff, you’ve got somebody who’s got your back. During those moments when motivation is low, and results are hard to see, having someone to turn to, vent at or ask advice from can be the difference between carrying on and giving up. Odds are, I’ve been there more than once before and I know exactly how you feel.

A monthly membership to Team Tiff is only £45

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