The First Step

I believe that Personal Training is just that – 100% personal. The relationship between trainer & client is a very close one, and so before diving head first into intense workouts, I like to make sure that we are a good fit for each other. I do this by offering a completely free consultation, in a place where we can talk freely and comfortably, so that we can find out whether we are able to work together effectively to reach your goals.


Your Investment

If you are going to entrust your goals, nutrition, training and in fact your very health, happiness and well being over to someone – then I am positive that you will want them to be a professional. Personal Training isn’t cheap – we all know that. But I believe that an investment in changing your life is an investment worth making.

Personal Training with me costs AED2500 for a package of 10 sessions. ‘Why 10 sessions?’ You ask? Well, simply put, this means that we can start out with a plan that is ready to be progressed. Booking random single sessions will not allow that natural progression which will lead you towards your goals.