‘From Earth to your Door’ @SoilStore

Sometimes I feel lucky that I have a fiancé that works in retail. Not because I get discount (well, sometimes because of that) but because he always lets me know when new things are popping up or opening in Yas Mall.

When we told me that he saw something called SoilStore opening up, and it looked like cllllll of the things I would love – I was the first to go and check it out!


Forget heading to the busy supermarket to pick up your organic and healthy bits and bobs, head straight to SoilStore either at Yas Mall or online, and get exactly what you need!

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Nolu’s Downtown – Detox Brunch

Photo 5-21-16, 12 01 02

‘Detox?!!!’ I hear you say… (just bare with me, please)

If you know brunch, then you also know that you don’t particularly go to brunch to detox. But maybe you’re all brunched out? Maybe you want to brunch but it seriously messes up your macros (never a truer word spoken!). Or maybe you simply love the idea of a intimate brunch full of healthy choices to round of your week perfectly.

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