Nolu’s Downtown – Detox Brunch

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‘Detox?!!!’ I hear you say… (just bare with me, please)

If you know brunch, then you also know that you don’t particularly go to brunch to detox. But maybe you’re all brunched out? Maybe you want to brunch but it seriously messes up your macros (never a truer word spoken!). Or maybe you simply love the idea of a intimate brunch full of healthy choices to round of your week perfectly.

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The Last 7 Days In…Food!

Another fabulous foodie week for me! Make sure you follow me on My Fitness Pal so you can see the break down of all of my meals and snacks.

Photo 2-17-16, 1 50 05 PM

Here’s a reminder of my macro goals as they stand at the moment…

WORKOUT DAY – 1700 Cals -170g Protein / 147g Carbs / 48g Fat

REST DAY – 1485 Cals – 150g Protein / 120g Carbs / 45g Fat

An now, have a look at the last 7 days in food…

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