My Story

I’m just an ordinary girl, trying to get fitter (and help other people to as well!)

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<< Thats me

I’m 26 years old, and I currently live in Downtown Dubai

I know, right?!

The past few years of my life have been pretty incredible; working in France, Mallorca, Switzerland & Ibiza and then the big move to the UAE after meeting my fiancé, Matt.

Before my time working abroad, I had lost a lot of weight for my sisters’ wedding, and I looked really good for it. I felt physically fit and I was comfortable in my skin. At my heaviest, in October 2011, I was 73kg (11st 6lbs/160lbs). I got down to 57.5kg (9st 1lb/127lbs) through a sustained diet and plenty of exercise for the wedding in May 2012.

Fast forward over two years of seasonaire life (bread, cheese & wine in the mountains and fast food, sangria & beer in the sunshine) and I’d undone all of the hard work that I’d put myself through previously, but gained a whole load of memories!

So when I went back to the UK for good in November 2014 (or so I thought) I created this blog…starting off as a place for me to offload and stay accountable for my food and exercise diaries, and morphing into recipes, reviews and eventually promoting my Personal Training business here in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. What a whirlwind!

As in every fitness journey that you read about, I have had my ups and downs. My previous mentality meant that nights out turned into weekends of binging, and moments of unnecessary restriction. Throughout the last 5 years, I’ve learned a lot about the healthy balance of nutrition and exercise and what actually works for me. Unfortunately, this kind of thing is not a cookie cutter, and so I believe that everyone should invest the time to figure out how their body & mind works.

I started off as just someone who wanted to get fitter for her own personal gain, but whilst being here in the UAE, I have studied hard and achieved my Personal Trainer qualifications. It’s all been VERY exciting and I am so happy to be taking on clients both in person & online, and to help them on their own fitness journey.

If you are interested in kickstarting your weight-loss, gaining some extra knowledge in the gym or simply need some additional help and motivation – feel free to contact me at You can find out more about my Personal Training & Online packages here.

Ask me questions, throw some advice at me – all is well appreciated!! Also, follow me on Instagram, Twitter, You Tube & Facebook if you have a minute or two!

My Transformation…


5 thoughts

  1. Heyya Tiffany, just actually read your story really inspiring stuff 🙂 You have come a long way. I checked out some of your recipes to try. I stopped the no carb diet thingy I was on, its not feasible. Trying to really focus on this weight loss and fitness around teh corner…thanks for being such an inspration.


    1. Hello Lovely! Thank you so much for commenting, and I hope you get a little inspiration from my blog! I’m going to check out yours now! xx

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  2. Hi, I literally just came across your blog and thought I’d say hi 🙂

    I think your story is very similar to mine, I’ve been working abroad in Switzerland and France (ski seasons…hard life indeed!) and it’s been a nightmare for being healthy so I’m very much on the same wavelength – doing lots of reading and trying things out but finding it all so interesting and enjoyable. I started a blog called last year when I started clean eating and it was all going great until I went abroad again (and subsequently broke my leg!) so now I’m trying to get super fit and healthy. Anyway, love your blog!

    Antonia x

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    1. Hi Antonia.
      Thanks so much for your message! I’ve had a quick scout of your blog and I love it! I’m at work at the moment but will have a proper look-see later on 🙂
      Thanks for your comment xx


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