We’ve Started Vlogging (like, for reals!)

We took part in vlogmas because we thought it would be a bit of fun..

Turns out – it’s pretty damn addictive!

As you could all probably tell by my complete lack of actual blog posts, I’ve kind of had a stall in my writing. I didn’t feel compelled to write about anything in particular, and anything I did fancy writing about – I felt like everyone else and their mum was writing about that very same thing at that very same time. So I didn’t want to be samey…

What has been pretty easy though – is picking up the camera and filming away as the day goes by. There’s nothing I have to really think about – just maybe adding on a few extra minutes to every single activity we do to give us time to set up the shot. (#VloggerProblems)

We have 3 main playlists on our lovely little YouTube Channel:

Matt has a ‘Road to 5000’ cycling vlog which goes up on a Tuesday.

I have a ‘That Fitness Journey’ weekly vlog which goes up on a Friday.

We have a ‘M & T in the UAE’ vlog which goes up on a Sunday, perfectly rounding up our week 🙂

We’ve done some pretty cool things in the past couple of weeks actually:


With that said, I just wanted to show you a couple of videos from the beginning weeks of 2017 – I really hope you enjoy them, and feel free to head over to our channel to leave some comments or catch up with some other videos that we have created!

Next Friday I am uploading my Full Day of Eating alongside my Gymbag Essentials 🙂


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