Vlogmas 2016 – Episode 1

Well, this is a new development!

Matt had the wonderful and fun idea of maybe trying to see how we feel about vlogging, and why not start by taking part in the hardest vlogging time of the year – Vlogmas!!

If you don’t know already, Vlogmas is a time where the people of YouTube attempt to upload a video every single day in the countdown to Christmas – a video advent calendar if you will.

So, we have jumped on the bandwagon and I am so excited to bring you Day 1 of our Vlogmas (we started on the 3rd so we are a bit late to the party – sorry!!)

We would love for you to subscribe to our channel and let us know what you think about our videos! We want to do some fun and exciting things, so if you have any suggestions or challenges for us – then just head on over to the video, give it a thumbs up and comment!!

We hope you enjoy!