The SSS Fitness Festival – Dubai 2016

What an incredible weekend!


I’d been looking forward to this years Fitness Festival for ages – ever since I was asked to be one of the Ambassadors months and months ago all the way up to the 24in24 challenge we did back in October. From then on it was full steam ahead with social media highlighting all of the incredible things to do at the festival and my own little countdown over on my Instagram page. The Body Coach, Joe Wicks, also posted on his socials expressing his excitement to come over and train with the UAE Fitness Community!!

Friday morning was an early one, leaving my apartment in Abu Dhabi at 430am to get over to Skydive Dubai for 6. I had the huge honor of leading the warm up to this years Dubai Womens Run (pictured above) and it was an amazing experience working out with these women whilst watching the sunrise over the Dubai Marina skyline.

After the run set off, I spent the whole of Friday and Saturday exploring the festival with Matt and seeing everything it had to offer. Being surrounded by like-minded people all weekend is one of those great motivational tools that has the potential to get anyone back on track or simply started on their own fitness journey.

The Healthy Living Show

The festival was split into two main areas – The SSS Fitness Festival and The Healthy Living Show. The healthy living show was full of companies and brands promoting a healthy life through and through. From nutrition based companies such as Holland & Barrett and The Organic Store, to Chiropractors and Massage Chairs. There was something for everyone in that area, and it seemed really popular all throughout the two days of the festival. Some stands offered things to try and do, and I found these much more engaging (and extremely popular – so other brands take note!!). It’s easy to stand there and shove a leaflet in my face, but personally I am much more interested if I can give things a go or talk to someone about their product.

The Healthy Living Show offered more than just stalls and products. I listened to a short seminar on Genes and how they affect our every day healthy life by Dr Bruno Rossett, and watched a cooking demo by Holland and Barrett. There were multiple demonstrations over both days of the festival, so planning where to be at what time became a bit of a task!!

The SSS Fitness Festival

I’m just going to start with the obvious – WE MET THE BODY COACH!!!

Lucky for us, Joe Wicks was the headliner for the second day of the festival, and we were very excited to meet him and take part in one of his famous ‘Lean in 15’ workouts. It all started with a Q&A – and of course I had to get my question in! Head over to my instagram page to see what I asked him 😉

The SSS Fitness Festival was spread out on the grounds of Skydive Dubai, and covered everything health, fitness & wellness. There were tonnes of activities to get involved in (all completely free) and we really enjoyed trying out some new activities! Matt had loads of fun at the Samsung stand, going Kayaking without getting wet using their virtual reality headset. I got to grips with some battle ropes as Matt tried the amazing moving bikes at the Soupless Cycle stand (we’ll definitely be trying out their classes)

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am a HUGE food lover, and this years Fitness Festival did not disappoint. I tried my first meal from Under500, banana ice cream from WannaBanana and of course my favourite froyo from YoghurtLand. There were loads of other places I wanted to try but just didn’t have the time (or stomach space) for it! KCal, SoulFull & PitaPit just to name a few..!

There were so many activities, it was hard to keep track. We watched the strongest men in the world pull 5 Jeeps along the road, and deadlift a 450kg car. There were football tournaments for the kids and bootcamp-style competitions for the adults. I watched the most amazing calesthenics, and listed to incredible people talk about their journeys on the Inspiration Stage. And all of these before we’ve even made it to the main stage of this years Fitness Festival!!! A full day of Les Mills classes on Friday (led by my girl Marija) followed by a whole range of demos and activities to take part in on the Saturday. If you wanted to work out this weekend, then absolutely everything was covered – from Zumba to Nike Training Club, there was something for everyone.

I could talk about it for DAYSSSSS, but we made a little after-movie to show you some snippets from the weekend. I hope you enjoy it! Like, comment and share – and next year I want to see you there!!!



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  1. Auw Tiffany this looks so much fun – I watched your insta video and did giggle, hon you’re in top shape, so brunch is not harming you at all!
    I agree with your comment about brands shoving a leaflet in your face, I too don’t find that at all appealing – I’d much rather try something (if possible).


    1. 100% agree! It was much more fun speaking to people about their passion than going through a tonne of leaflets when I get home!

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