DFit at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi

I never used to think about using a hotel for their leisure or gym facilities, simply because we have gyms and pools in our apartment complex, but given the chance, it’s always good to move outside ones comfort zone and try somewhere new!


Enter DFit at Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi. I’ve visited this grand hotel with Matt before for an amazing dinner at Benjarong, and I have held a couple of meetings there myself..but I have never been further up that incredible atrium than the ground floor.  So you’ll imagine my delight when I was shown into a lift and taken to a much higher floor for my indoor cycling session bright and early on a Friday morning.

I arrived early (I haven’t really accustomed to the UAE way of life as yet) and so I had a good amount of time to check out the facilities at DFit – the hotels fitness center. With a huge array of machines and free weights available, anyone can have an incredible workout in this light and airy gym. I saw specialist machines that I haven’t seen in a gym in a long time, along with a huge range of weights/balls/kettlebells and huge open spaces to train in. If that wasn’t motivation enough – the incredible views of both sides of the city spread out below you will instantly give you the push you need for those last few reps!


I’ve always loved spinning classes and indoor cycling, and so I was really looking forward to the session at Dusit Thani. The LifeCycle bikes were really easy to set up alone, but the lovely instructor was always around if there was any difficulty. We spent 45 minutes on the bike, really working up a sweat to some heavy base-pumping tunes (my favourite kind). You may have seen some bangers on my snapchat! (TiffyBarrett)

Throughout the workout, I was constantly getting feedback from the bike itself as there is a screen mounted in between the handlebars. The gage showed the approximate calories burned in an hour based on the level the bike is set to and the RPM that I was pushing out. Motivation is at a all time high when you can physically see how many calories you’re burning throughout the session.


The instructor was really nice throughout the session, making sure everyone was comfortable on their bikes and offering regressions if necessary, but her style was a tiny bit soft for me. It was one of the first cycling classes at DFit, so I suspect her comfort levels will grow and grow…but a mix between the microphone being too quiet and that meant I did have to muster up more self-motivation than I usually do at a spinning class. Nevertheless, I burned some serious calories and really enjoyed the workout thoroughly.

After the riding was complete, we spent some time down on the mats at the back of the room and went through various core exercises. This was a great addition to a cycling session, as I have never experienced a joint class before. And believe me – 15 minutes spent solely on the core is more than enough!!

I left DFit that morning feeling severely worked out! What a great start to the weekend!!

You can find out more about DFit on the Dusit Thani website.

Memberships are available.