Preparing for the SSS Fitness Festival 24in24

Today’s the day…

Well, technically tomorrow is the actual day but today is the day where I have officially finished work for the week, packed up my stuff and tootled along to Dubai to take part in the SSS Fitness Festivals’ 24in24.

If you haven’t heard of this kind of event before, the 24in24 is what it says on the tin:

– 24 people

– 24 workouts

– 24 hours

Ahhhh jeez.

The event is fully focused on showing you guys all of the different types of activities you can get involved in at this years Sun and Sand Sports Fitness Festival, which is going to be held at the amazing Skydive Dubai. The 24 different workouts include fun things like belly dancing, inflatable football and aerobics (taught by me at 3am – eeeek!) but it also includes a bunch of scary things I’ve never done such as Crossfit, calythenics, yoga and something called the ‘100 Rep Challenge’. Oh my. Though these things do seem pretty daunting right now, I think the camaraderie of the 24 peeps taking part will get us through with some laughs! Theres some festival ambassadors, competition winners & radio presenters all taking part – with all different fitness levels, simply proving that there’s something for everyone at this years festival.


In preparation for the event, Sun and Sand Sports have ever so kindly decked us out in some new workout gear. We were pretty much let loose in store to choose an outfit for the event, and although I wanted to pick up some funky pieces from Adidas Originals or the Reebok Classic range, I screwed my sensible head on and went for durable & comfy (without compromising on style of course!)

Shop the look at the end of this post…

How else have I been preparing?

It’s been a weird one, for sure. How on Earth do you prepare for 24 hours of exercise? Eat? Sleep? Don’t sleep? Exercise?!! To be honest, I haven’t really done an awful lot that’s hugely different…but I have been keeping an eye on a few little things:

Hydration: This week I have been very careful to log my water intake and make sure that I have been getting at least 2 litres per day.

Exercise: I have been exercising as usual for the first part of the week, but today (Wednesday) has been a definite zero exercise day. Unfortunately (for me) my 10k training also started this week – so Sunday, Monday & Tuesday meant a 4k, 5k and 5.5k run which my body isn’t exactly used to. Maybe this is good practice for the running portions of the 24in24? Who knows?!!! We’ll just have to wait and see!

Nutrition: In the first few days of the week, I stuck to my macros as normal. I’ve never carb loaded before, so I didn’t really think that this was the event for me to start. Today and yesterday I have eaten slightly more than normal, but I have kept my macro-nutrients balanced and not gone overboard on the carbohydrates. I have made sure not to eat anything out of the ordinary that might mess with my stomach or digestion, because there would be nothing worse than having an upset stomach come tomorrow.

What am I taking with me?

One bag. That’s it.

And for me – that’s a pretty big deal. I overpack for everything and so it’s been pretty difficult to keep things to a minimum for the challenge. If I had my way I’d have a full on suitcase, but I’m sticking to my Nike holdall and hoping I haven’t forgotten anything:



Spare kit: We were obviously very lucky to get kit from Sun and Sand Sports today, but I do have 2 spare sets of workout clothes and another pair of trainers just incase we get super sweaty and I just can’t handle it anymore! I also have 4 spare pairs of socks and underwear. Nothing worse than feeling absolutely minging and not being able to do anything about it!

Accessories: As you can see in the pics above I have my running belt so that I can carry my phone and live snap for you all lol, and I’ve also got some sunscreen just in case! I also have the super duper charger that we got from the Apple Store which charges a phone EIGHT TIMES!!!! Considering how quick my phone dies on a normal day, this is going to come in SUPER handy. I’ve also got my watch to charge as well so hopefully it’ll get me through (fingers crossed).

Nutrition: I’ve got to be tactical with this one. A lot of people don’t take on any more energy until they feel depleted, and I have to make sure that isn’t the case with me! I’ll be having a Gu energy gel every hour and using the ones with caffeine strategically. The choccy protein bars are going to be used as meal replacements as and when needed, and they’ll give me something to look forward to because I loooove them! I have my regular supplements of fish oil, flaxseed oil and omega 3 along with a multi-vit to be taken daily, and then I have some Gu hydration tabs to pop in my bottle of water every few hours just to help keep the electrolytes up. I have been told that we will be receiving a proper meal at some point during the 24in24, and I’m sure that some real food will be welcomed in the middle of chemically processed energy.

How do I feel?

Well, I don’t know if any of the above will work (you’ll soon find out on snap/insta) but I feel that I am as prepared as I can be for something that I’ve never attempted before!! In our mini interviews today, they asked us what the most daunting part of the whole thing is, and I truly think it’s just the timeframe. You can easily scale down exercises or slow down your run, but you can’t speed up 24 hours. That’s pretty much set in stone. Damn.

I’m determined not to cry (I get teary when I’m tired) and I hope that I will be motivational to other members of the group.

Wish me luck!

You can follow my story on Snapchat by following TiffyBarrett, and the whole event will be streamed live on the SSS Fitness Festival Facebook page. We’ll also be doing a little intro to the event on Dubai 92 radio between 9:30-10am.


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