Goal Setting, Habit Making & Getting Out of the Funk…

It’s been 21 days since my last blog post. That kinda tells you how things have been, right?

But this week I said ‘enough is enough’ and attempted to sort my life out.


This incredible present from Matts sister has been sitting on our coffee table since my birthday, and this week seemed like the perfect instance to make some actual use of it. The Happy Healthy Habits Box from Kikki-K is full of super helpful booklets, quotations and reminders to help you create habits and stick to them. I took a look through and chose the booklets that stood out to me most; The Gratitude Journal, Mindfulness Journal & Goals Journal.


I filled in my goals and the steps that I need to take to get there, plastered reminders and countdowns on my phone and on the blackboard and light-box in the apartment, and have gone back to putting stickers on our calendar for positive reinforcement. I need visuals!! I’m pretty much a child.

There’s motivational quotes stuck to my diary, and quotation bookmarks between the pages. I’m using everything I can to keep me motivated going forward.

The funk started when we got back from our incredible holiday to the UK and Ibiza in August. We obviously took a bit of a break when we were away, and I tried my hardest to get right back into it as soon as we got back. I even delayed my PT clients for the first week so I could focus on myself (that sounds so self-centred lol). Yeah I hit the gym and did what I could and got back onto my macros for the most part, but my head just hasn’t been in it.

And now 5 weeks have passed.

So I need to sort it out.

I’ve got my goals, I’ve signed up to a 10k run in 7 weeks so I have to train (or else)…and I know I have things coming up where I’m going to need to take a break. So getting my arse in gear is TOP PRIORITY!

Send all motivation my way please and thank you!!