The Struggle is Real…


This week has felt really tough…and I’m not even sure why! I was all ready to get back into the week and smash it from last Saturday, and my week honestly started really strong! I got my first few lifting sessions done and enjoyed the new workouts (though 3 lower body days was kind of daunting). I was back on some good macros felt good and I was back working with my clients. Not nearly as crazy as I was pre-holiday, but back into the rhythm of things.

My first proper week back came with some side-effects. I started getting tired after my morning sessions and gym and then I just CBA to move for the rest of the day. What the hell was wrong with me?!

My body confidence had started to come back (slowly) but then to top all the bad feelings off I had my weigh-in on Wednesday as usual, and my weight had actually increased by nearly half a kilo despite being back on plan pretty solidly!!

What. The. Hell.

For the past couple of days I have tried to stay on track as much as I can, but I found myself wanting to pick at things and add unnecessary additions to my meals. Topping my usual yoghurt with un-tracked blueberries, or using a square of dark chocolate instead of a spoon to get peanut butter out of the jar… (it happened, I’m sorry)

But please believe me when I said most of my meals were on point…

 It can’t all be that bad. I did my 5 lifting days this week and my meals were about 80% on track. But I can’t believe how much of a struggle this week has actually been! I’ve got to get over this funk!

Which brings me back to the image at the top…

People are willing to do ANYTHING to lose weight, anything but eating well and exercising more. I have to remember that everything isn’t going to happen all at once and I have to go through the struggles to get where I want to be. I’m planning some more activities to do outside of the gym to keep me more entertained along with heading back out onto the track with Matt. More variety should keep me going!!

If you have any help/ideas to get me out of this funk and back to my normal self then pleaaaaasseeee comment below!!

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