Zone Nutrition: Staying on Track when Travelling…

Being into this fitness thing can have it’s down points. One of those down points for me is being so freaking scared to take a break and go on holiday and enjoy good food (and good sangria) for a couple of weeks out of the year. I spent months and months in the lead up to the UK and Ibiza working my butt off to get into shape that even the thought of bloating up on a plane put me off completely!

So what made me a little more comfortable was the thought of 40 pre-prepared meals sat at my lovely mothers house for me to stick to for our time in the UK.

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Mum had to fit all of these in her freezer – thank you!!

I researched and contacted a few food-prep companies in the months leading up to our trip, and Pete from Zone Nutrition was the most informative and most helpful out of the bunch. It’s crazy how many people just want you to spend your money without actually giving any information to people!

First of all, Pete sent me a whole document explaining how Zone Nutrition works and then asked me to fill in a questionnaire which would then determined what course of meals to put me on. His prescription included his 3 block meals, 4 times a day (Yay!! Food!!) and even 2 little snacks on top of that. Laaaavly. I ordered a week in advance from the menu below (they rotate meals weekly so you never get bored) and that was that!

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 3.48.17 PM

I chose a mixture of the meals, excluding the fishy stuff, and was very excited to go through it all when I got back to the UK.

Photo 8-6-16, 15 02 12

When I finally got to my mums house (one day later than originally planned) I had something available to eat straight away. What a weight off!! And I felt the same all throughout our 10 days in the UK. If you follow me on Snapchat, you would have seen me eating these meals whilst getting ready for my best friends wedding, whilst sitting on the beach at Center Parcs with my family and even whilst travelling up to Leicester for another wedding! Luckily, I had thought ahead to the days out that were planned and ordered more of the chicken wraps than anything else, as I knew that I would be OK with eating them cold and on the go. They turned out to be one of my favourite meals!

Breakfasts were a dream too! The breakfast burritos and egg wraps were really tasty (and one even had grated cheese melted into it) and the yoghurts were really handy. The only thing I did have to do though is plan ahead for when I was going to have the wraps and take them out of the containers – as they could have gone a little soggy during the defrosting time.

Talking about defrosting – all of the meals were absolutely freezer friendly, and all I had to do was take out 4 meals the night before to be set for the next day.

With a mix of all of the menu options, I quickly found a couple of favourites in the Almond Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala. I think I just love chicken so much that the beef chow mien didn’t really have a chance! The meals were large and filling, and I found that tipping them out into a bowl or onto a plate made them even more appealing than eating out of the tupperware.

Considering these are meals for someone one a ‘diet’, it does just prove that diet meals don’t have to taste like cardboard. There were seasonings and sauces and plenty of flavour packed into these completely balanced meals. For someone who counts macros and watches what they eat every single day, having these meals available to me in the UK took a massive amount of stress away from me and allowed me to relax more during times with our families and friends.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy myself. My meals were tasty and I never felt like I was missing out, but if I really wanted something then I would have it. Like afternoon tea with scones and jam at the famous TipTree factory and my old workplace. Don’t miss out on life; that’s my motto!

Photo 8-10-16, 15 03 03

Ahem…back the healthy stuff lol!

I had these meals available to me for 10 days, but I never got bored of them. Not once. There are so many menu items to choose from that it made it really easy to rotate meals in and out to keep things fresh. If I was doing this every week then I would really welcome the menu rotations and new dishes as well.

The Cost…

My 3 block meals works out at £5 each, making my day total up to £20. Of course you could make all of this cheaper yourself, but that’s not what this kind of thing is about. It’s convenience for people who want to look after themselves nutritionally but just don’t have the time or inclination to do it themselves. And I get that! If I could afford a meal prep service all of the time then I would definitely do it. And it was absolutely perfect for someone like me – travelling to the UK between friends and families, with no time to food prep myself and not wanting to annoy people by picking apart meals or having to make something completely different.

It was all there for me to simply shove in the microwave and ding! it was done!

Thanks so much to Zone Nutrition for working with me on this. If you want anymore information on Zone Nutrition, head to their Facebook page here.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s used a food prep company in the UK/UAE, as there’ll always be times where I’m in need of one! Comment below and give me some deets…!