Post-Holiday Body Update: September 1st

Hey guys!

It’s been almost 3 weeks since I last put up a blog post, and that was one day before Matt and I flew out to Ibiza for our Summer holiday.

How time has flown!

We have now been back in Abu Dhabi for a whole week after an epic 3 weeks out of the country, back on track with counting macros and easing myself back into the gym – but we’ll talk about that in a bit.

I always said that I would get a body composition done when I returned from hols to see what the damage was like, and as it’s the beginning of a new month anyways, why not get it done and stay on track with the monthly body updates… here we go….!

Weights and Measurements

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 9.45.25 AM

We all knew that there wouldn’t be a downward trend this month, but some of the stuff really does shock me, especially in the measurements! It’s very obvious that any bloat/weight/fat goes straight to my stomach area first (and then obviously last to come off) so I am a little upset with the massive jump in measurements. I wasn’t 100% off the wagon while I was on holiday – for the first week or so (minus the weddings) I had my Zone Nutrition meals to keep me on track, and then I didn’t exactly go overboard with food when in Ibiza. It just shows how any step away from the ‘norm’ can have a massive effect on your body!

My body fat has jumped up to 20% as well. My mind was hoping for anything under 20, and so being spot on the mark isn’t soooo bad for me. The InBody machine actually went up to 20.4% after it had finished scanning my limbs, but then crept down as it finished scanning the rest of my body and finally rested on 20.0%!

As you can see, I have only lost a tiny bit of muscle throughout my body during August (0.4kg) so there is a positive in all of this lol! Considering most of my workouts in the UK/Ibiza were cardio because I couldn’t get to a gym or it was simply easier – I honestly thought I would have lost more muscle than I did. So I’m definitely thanking my body for keeping hold of most of it! Well done me hahahaha!

Photo 9-1-16, 09 46 27

Progress Photos…

July-Sept 16July-Sept Side

My body is much softer than it was back before the holiday, and you can see the little belly pouch creeping back in, but it’s not like I’ve lost all definition throughout my body or anything is it? I’m loving my strong shoulders still (thank the lord they are keeping me sane) and my obliques still like to pop through and little bit so all is not lost!

The Reality of It…

You can’t go on holiday and not enjoy yourself. I knew that when I got back I would feel pretty squishy. I could have got back on track quicker when we got home, but we went out to our favourite bar and had chicken wings, burger and pecan pie. That’s Life!

There’s quite a popular Instagram quote about that extra 5 pounds (I just tried to find it and I can’t). It say’s something along the lines of ‘that 5 pounds is late night pizza with your man, a couple of drinks on the weekends…‘ and then it finishes off with ‘don’t lose out on life to weigh 5% less‘ or something like that. If I had gone to the UK and said sorry, no – I’m not going to drink at my best friends wedding or if I had gone to Ibiza and said sorry, no – I can’t have a late night because I need to workout in the morning…what would my holiday have been like? Miserable. What would I have remembered from it? Nothing fun! (well, I might actually be able to remember more without the alcohol lol)

I repeat. That’s life!

And with that said…

The Plan Going Forward…

In reality, I’ve only been 100% back on track for 4 days, so I do think that we’ve still got a little bit of holiday bloat/water retention to get rid of. I will be really interested to see what happens throughout September and what comes of the next body composition test at the end of the month

Considering my body held on to most of it’s muscle, I really want to work on building that back up and my goal is to get my muscle mass above 28kg.

I’ve obviously been back it touch with Lucy at Team Superfox to get me cracking back on a plan, so I’ll literally show you guys what I told her with regards to my goals…

Photo 9-1-16, 10 24 59

And so that is what we are working on. Lucy has bought my calories/macros back up and given me a new split of workouts to crack on with. This week just gone I have been getting myself back into the gym and going through some of the exercises in the new plan that I haven’t done before, and generally getting back into the swing of things!

I really want to make a difference in September, so my goal is to stay focused and get sh*t done!!