The Final Countdown!!! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 17

Oh jesus. It’s here.

We’re actually going. Tomorrow. Like, for serious.

But before we talk about that, we’ve got to talk about the amazing week we’ve had so far in the UK. Obviously last weeks Ibiza Diaries was a short and sweet affair due to the fact that we had been so bloody rushed getting to the UK that I didn’t actually have time to write anything down for the first couple of days..but this week has been a little different/a bit slower, so we’ve been able to chill out and have some amazing family time together.

Leg 1 – The Barrett Family

Sunday was spent at Center Parcs in Elveden Forest with my family, but I made sure that I got out for a run in the morning before we left. 5km in the bag 🙂

We’ve all worked at CP in the past, but my older sister still works there now so we have the advantage of being able to go up on day passes. Obviously we brought the good weather over from Abu Dhabi, and so we spent most of the day on the beach relaxing and letting Rupert play in the sand. We then ate in my sisters workplace Hucks (if you know, you know!) and after that we went swimming. All a very exciting day and we went home content and bloomin’ tired!

Monday was spent chilling at my mums house after a gym session with my younger sister. I haven’t got too much access to a gym so I took this opportunity to get some full body compound movements in (and I obviously trained some shoulders, just because). It was a good session lasting just over an hour and I utilised the time with supersets and circuits and finished off with abs with my sis!

After that we actually went to my old workplace for Afternoon Tea. For those of you that have followed my blog for a while, you’ll know that I used to be the Wedding Coordinator at Bedford Lodge Hotel in Newmarket. We went along with all of the family and met up with a couple of the girls who still work there for afternoon tea. I didn’t go for the full shabang, opting for just one scone with cream and jam to go alongside my cup of tea. I was actually really proud of myself to have gone for just that 🙂 It was very yummy and everyone was very happy and it was great to see the girls while we were in the UK.

And just like that, the visit with my half of the family was finished. My mum and sister left for work on Tuesday morning after saying our goodbyes and that was that! I spent some of the morning doing one of The Body Coach YouTube videos and my god it was difficult lol! It was 20 minutes of HIIT training, 20 seconds of full on work followed by 10 seconds of rest – and repeat!! Full on burpees, press ups, high knees and all kinds of stuff that absolutely KILLED me! But I was really happy that I managed to get some exercise in even though I didn’t have that much time to spare. Me and Matt spent the day in Cambridge doing some shopping and then we made the trip over to Braintree to start the next leg of our visits with his half of the family. It was all go go go!!

Leg 2 – The Bennett Family

First things first, I managed to get up and go to the gym on Wednesday, heading to CHF in Braintree. A proper man-gym that I got very excited about! There were so many pieces of old school gym equipment available – it was awesome! I opted for upper body as my quads were still burning from my gym session with my sister, and I smashed our an hour-long workout and came away happy.

Wednesday was family day with the Bennett clan, with one stipulation from me – we had to go to a Tiptree Tea Rooms for scones and the best jam in the world. We went straight to the top, and went to the actual Tiptree jam factory for the good stuff. mmmmmmm. After that we headed to Mersea Island to go and see the pretty beach huts and spend some time at Matts Nans’ caravan taking photos, going for walks and generally just hanging/chilling out. It was a really lovely day that ended in fish and chips for most people, but I stuck to my guns and kept on course with my meals from Zone Nutrition. I just skipped one meal that day so that I could enjoy those scones and the rest was back to normal. It’s all about the balance I say! I also found white monster so I of course had to try it and it’s safe to say I may have started a new addiction!!!

On Thursday morning we had promised Matts niece and nephew that we would go into town for Greggs, so I got up early to go for a run. When I got outside I realised that it was spitting with rain but I thought ‘oh maybe it’ll be nice and refreshing – I’ll go anyways’ and so I started running. 350 meters down the road I stopped running and turned back because it just wasn’t as refreshing as I thought it would be lol! It was horrible and I didn’t want to be outside in it. Oh well – an impromptu rest day for me! I can now easily see why a lot of people do NOT enjoy exercising in the UK, because the weather is just so unpredictable. Though I didn’t exercise, I still made sure I stuck to my guns with the meals from Zone Nutrition

After the mornings activities in town, me and Matt hopped in the car and drove up to Leicestershire where we were staying for a couple of days for his best friends wedding. We spent the evening catching up and celebrating with the bride and groom and a few drinks before the big day!

Photo 8-11-16, 17 27 07

I did manage to still get up and go for a run on Friday, getting in a cheeky 5km in the morning before heading off to the wedding. The training that I have been doing this week hasn’t been ideal, as I would prefer to be in a gym throwing some weights around, but at least I have been doing something I guess. I feel as if some of my definition has gone down (not ideal directly before the holiday) but I have been trying my best with food and exercise to do as well as I can and look the best that I can for Ibiza.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous, and the weather matched. We had an amazing day, and true to form my nutrition went out of the window a little bit (I blame the Jagermeister)  but fun was definitely had and I have zero regrets!

Photo 8-12-16, 14 21 47

Now writing this, I am sat down back in Braintree after a whirlwind 10 days in the UK.

We’re getting ourselves ready to leave super early for Stansted in the morning – and we couldn’t be more excited. Like literally I think I’m probably going to get a little emotional lol. It’s all come down to this and I am really happy to say that my body feels ready, I feel as if I have worked hard to get here and I am going to enjoy every second!! EEEEEKKK!!!