The Ibiza Diaries: Week 16

Oh my god, I can’t believe we are less than a week away from flying to Ibiza!!

Photo 8-7-16, 09 07 19.png

I don’t really know what to make of it. I don’t know if the time has gone fast or slow, whether it’s been good or bad…or whether I’ve really lived it at all lol! A huge whirlwind of  randomness and emotions, and we are now so.close!!!

This past 7 days has obviously been a big ball of crazy, starting off in Abu Dhabi and now we are in the UK!

It all started on Sunday, a new weeks here in Ab Dabs…I had a skeleton of clients left after finishing off last week and so my brain was already kind of in holiday mode. My days (after my clients and my own gym sessions) were taken up with making sure we were all ready to leave and in typical fashion we cleaned the apartment top to bottom, dealt with all of the loose ends and packed up everything we needed – yay!!

My levels of commitment and determination stayed put – and I even completed all of my gym sessions with a little more vigour than normal!!

Fast forward to Wednesday..the day where we started all of our travels. I was in the salon getting all glam when we got the news that there had been an accident at Dubai Airport. Cue me and Matt panicking about our flight and hovering over alternate Abu Dhabi flights for a few hours – a stress that’s really not needed on the day you’re due to be travelling. Jheeeez

Long story short, we went to the airport and waited for hours before being told that our flight was cancelled. We quickly realised after a few tears that we had to be pro-active and get ourselves on another flight pronto, so we chose to avoid Dubai and head back to Abu Dhabi and get another flight that evening. Definitely a rough couple of days for us, which absolutely sucked!

BUT once we did get on that flight and touched down in London all the stresses went away 🙂

This weeks big event was my best friends wedding, and it went yesterday without a hitch. She looked absolutely beautiful and I have loved looking through the photos this morning re-living every second.

Photo 8-6-16, 16 00 30Photo 8-6-16, 16 03 08

I managed to go for a run before the festivities took place and that really set me up for the day! Keeping up some kind of exercise while we are in the UK is really important to me, so I will be making sure I get out there!

I’ll be keeping you updated with how I do, so keep on reading!

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