Travelling Snacks

As soon as we plan to travel anywhere, my mind turns to food. Okay – you got me – my mind is always on food! But it used to fill me with dread. Now, thankfully, the thought of travelling just opens up a whole world of opportunities to find new and yummy foods that are perfect little travel companions….

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A lot of people (including myself) used to think that travelling with food was a big no-no. We all had to submit to terrible plane food, feeling horrendously bloated all throughout and a couple of days post-flight. But I have recently discovered that bringing yumminess through security just isn’t an issue, and I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you.

As you will know if you’ve followed my blog for the past few weeks, we are travelling to the UK for our summer holi-bobs, and I am sat writing this in Dubai Airport waiting to board our plane. Everything that I’m showing you in this blog post is packed into my hand luggage at this very minute – ready to be strategically devoured throughout our journey via Istanbul to London Stansted. (I’m probably still travelling whilst you’re reading this)

These Oomf Protein Oats are absolutely perfect for travelling, or even if you just need a quick and easy fix in your every day life. The macros are pretty decent at 21 protein/ 43 carb/ 3.5 fat, and all you need to do is add hot water (which you can get hold of pretty much anywhere in airports or even on the aeroplane). They’re real tasty too! I got these from Sporter online.

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If it’s pure protein you need, look no further! Beef Jerky is an absolute WIN when it comes to snacking on the go. The peppered variety, for example, has 12 protein/ 4.5 carb/ 0.8 fat. What’s more to love. I personally bought the 25g packs rather than a bigger 200g so that I was easily able to portion control throughout the day. If I open a big bag, you can be sure that it’ll all go in no time. Not ideal for a long day travelling.

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Now, these beauties aren’t for me, but I can’t pack a bag full of snacks without thinking of Matt now can I?! These are the cutest portions of Lizi’s Granola, and they even have milk powder inside so all you need to do is add a couple of spoonfuls of water and you are good to go! The macros are a bit on the carby side for me – but they are yummy and the portion sizes are prefect. There’s even a little spoon attached!

Heaven forbid that during your travels you are unable to find coffee. Like, what would actually happen if Costa and Starbucks didn’t exist?! (If you would have followed my snapchat story on my journey then you will definitely know they do lol). But, just imagine if…these little beauties from Soil Store will save your life. The Coffee Brewer is for real coffee lovers. Add hot water to the pouch, let it brew and you have a gorgeous cup of real coffee to perk you up. Their own Coconut Chips are the perfect snack on the go, and they also stock these incredibly luxurious Purition Protein pouches. This particular flavour is macadamia and vanilla – and I bet you’ve never seen such luxury in a protein shake before have you?

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These protein bars though. Like, actually incredible. So far, the best protein bar I’ve ever tasted. 16 protein/ 6 carbs (after taking off the sugar alcohols)/ 8 fat and incredibly delicious. I dipped one of these into my Costa at 2am and it.was.heavenly ❤

There is also a birthday cake flavour of this particular bar which I would LOVE to try, but I can’t seem to get my hands on it – which sucks. I’ve ordered a bunch of protein bars from Protein Pick n Mix to try while we are in the UK, and I am so excited to do some reviews for you all – but they all have the Fit Crunch bar to beat. So we’ll see hey?!

Last but definitely not least…

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I haven’t gone ANYWHERE without my beaut water bottle from Typo. I love this one because it holds a whole litre – so I can really keep track on how my hydration is going. There is nothing worse than air travel for dehydration, bloating and dry skin. Drinking more water is the only way to combat this. Full stop. So drink up..!!

I know there are tonnes and tonnes of other options for snacks whilst travelling, but I just wanted to give you the lowdown on what I was carrying on my travels today! Maybe you’ll get some new ideas for your next trip..!

What are your favourite travel go-to snacks? Comment below if I have missed something incredible, and I will definitely add it on to my next journey… 🙂