Impromptu Body Update! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 15

(Bare with me on this one, it’s like 2 blog posts rolled into one so it’s a little jumpy)

Another crazy crazy week here in Abu Dhabi Doo Dahhh, and it all came together quite unexpectedly!

I did manage to get my dress altered (finally, a good couple of inches off of there!!) and we’ve been crossing things off the list to get ready for holidays, so really it’s been a pretty productive week all in all!

The final full week here before hols started off super busy, and I really didn’t know how I was going to get through it…and as the week went on I started to feel more and more worn down and tired. By the time Wednesday got here, I was seriously ready to call it a day. I napped during the day because I felt exhausted, but I still went to bed early after sleeping terribly for the previous 2 nights. I was really feeling sorry for myself lol!

Even though all of the above was going on, late on Wednesday night I decided to bring my body composition test forward from next Monday (August 1st) to Thursday July 28th – 4 weeks after my last one. I don’t know why, I just felt as if I needed to get it done and out of the way. Maybe the test weighing on my mind was causing my restless nights… who knows?! So, with that said, we can get right into it from here!!

Weights & Measurements…

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 3.42.02 PM


Let’s start with the measurements…nearly 4 inches down from last month, and in total almost 20 inches down across my whole body from the beginning of my fitness journey in November 2014. It’s not as if I have lost kilos and kilos of weight, but the size has dropped considerably!

Photo 7-28-16, 18 43 51

Almost 20% of my bodyweight gone! It feels pretty awesome. Have you ever gone into a gym and picked up a plate or dumbbell that weighs the same as the amount of weight you’ve lost? Try it one day, it’s a weird thing to understand that you used to be carrying all of that around on your body…

You can see in the picture below where I measure myself for every body update. It might not be in the same places as you, but as long as you are doing yours in the same place each time then the consistency will be there!

June 30th Front MEASURES.jpg

I never realise how nerve-wracking these body comp tests are until I’m stood on the machine and it’s scanning my body limb by limb. My heart is pounding and I can’t bring myself to look down at the screen and watch the numbers go up. But this time around, when the chime of the InBody machine told me the test was completed, I looked down and was in complete shock at what I saw. I didn’t believe it at first, but after taking a look at all of the numbers it sunk in and I felt soooo happy about it.

Photo 7-28-16, 06 18 34

This months test shows that I lost 2.1kg in bodyweight, 100% of which came from fat…bringing my body fat percentage down THREE PERCENT to 15.7%. In my ‘Year 2 Goals post from last November, I challenged myself to get down into the 15% range, and I’ve only bloody gone and done it! You don’t realise how ridiculously happy I am about this!!!! I actually reached a goal that I set myself – crazy!

Compared to last months body composition test, I’ve lost 1.2kg of body fat from the trunk area of my body (thats anywhere from my neck to my pelvis excluding my arms)…that’s definitely my most stubborn area and I am very glad to see that slowly going down. I could go on forever about the numbers on the results sheet, but for your sanity, we’ll just crack on to…

Progress Photos…

Photo 7-28-16, 07 13 09

Photo 7-28-16, 15 50 26

The above photos were both taken on July 27th, I’m just a muppet and wrote the wrong date on one of them…

I really can’t complain about the progress that I’ve made here 🙂 Happy Tiff!!! I love how my shoulders are turning out, and I am so happy that some shape is coming to my legs. I know that I have plenty to work on, and believe me I am not going to let all of my hard work so far go to pot!

The Plan Going Forward…

You don’t understand quite how tempting it is to say ‘f**k it!’ and go ahead and eat what I want…because now I feel like I am in holiday mode. But I can not and will not do that, because it’s just going to mess with the progress that I have made! As always though, when a monthly body update comes along, I tend to have a little treat…and so today I get to indulge in a little Friday Brunch at Jazz at Pizza Express. Did someone say unlimited Prosecco?!!! Yaaaarp!

Photo 7-28-16, 20 15 45

It’s been 106 days since my last alcoholic beveraaaaaage. That was on my birthday week back in April when the girls were here.


Even though that sounds like a really crazy long time, I really believe that cutting alcohol out has helped me reach my goals faster than it would have if I was drinking in the evenings or at the weekend or whenever. Everyone is different on this kind of thing, but generally if I have a drink I tend to make excuses for eating badly or not going to the gym etc…maybe that’s just me?

Nevertheless, with the great results I’ve had from this months body composition test, I am treating myself to a little drink with Matt today at brunch 🙂 It’s also a warm up for the weddings we are going to in the UK and then IBIZZZZAAAAAAA!!! I can’t go into all of that completely sober lol!

Yesterday I also got an update from Lucy at Team Superfox with a new macro plan. I’ll now be working on a cycle of High/Low/Rest (with some pretty poverty carbs) but after 7 weeks of the same workouts I am now allowed to do my own programming for the next 3 weeks until I am back and ready to start on my new goals!

Photo 7-29-16, 06 28 48

We are now SO CLOSE to flying back to the UK, the weddings, and so close to going to Ibiza. Can someone please slow down the time so we can enjoy it properly? I know it’s all going to be over in a flash and I seriously believe that I will have some bad Ibiza blues when we return at the end of August. I can’t wait to see all of my friends from Magaluf and Ibiza seasons, I’ll be getting my new tattoo and we are just going to have the.most.incredible time! I can’t wait to spend some time chilling in the sun with Matt, sipping on a cocktail and enjoying life ❤

Well done if you got all of the way through this post – sorry it was super lengthy…more like 2 blog posts rolled into one! See you next time xxx


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  1. Hello! I love following your results and am interested in getting a body comp test done.
    There’s a BodPod near me but a test is £50gbp. How much do you pay in equivalent? Seems a lot…

    Or are the ones where you stand on scales and it send pulses through your hands as good?

    Sorry, loads of rambling!!


    1. I’ve heard that BodPod are one of the best you can do! I pay £20 for a InBody which is one you can stand on and it sends pulses through hands and feet.
      Bodpods can generally be quite expensive but I’d probably pay 50 for it! Xx


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