The Best Meal I’ve Ever Had? The Ibiza Diaries: Week 14

Another stupidly busy week in Casa Barrett!

PT sessions have been crazy busy, my training has been lonnnnng but the good thing is that the week has flown by!

Photo 7-22-16, 17 06 24.jpg

One great thing that happened this week was that I matched my lowest ever weigh-in since the beginning of my fitness journey in November 2014. Now, though I’m not all about the number on the scale, I know what weight I feel comfortable at (and that’s around 59kg). Everyone knows that a bit of holiday weight in going to be gained no matter how hard I try, and so if I can start off my holidays a little bit below my norm…then I can’t do too much damage throughout. Well, that’s the hope anyway!

Photo 7-22-16, 17 01 01

I also hit my 100 days without alcohol on Friday! Yay me!!!

I was thinking this week that people that get pregnant go a whole 9 months without alcohol (and sometimes longer) so my measly 3 and a bit months doesn’t really have much comparison but to me it’s a pretty big deal!


My sessions have been good this week! I’ve completed all of them, and I even got in an extra ride around the track (though it was bloomin’ sweaty!). I mentioned last week that I hadn’t made any weight increases in my lifting sessions in the past few weeks, so I tried this week to improve where I could. And I did OK! I increased my leg press, squat & chest fly this week – and I think I will be able to make a couple more improvements next week.

Photo 7-19-16, 12 31 46

My post-workout cardio increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes and I’m smashing through that, just removing all emotion and getting on with it. My body is reacting well to these workouts and I am feeling good – so I just getting shizz done!


My nutrition game has been stronnnggg this week! Every day has been +/-5g on my set macros, with a maximum of 50cals over the limit. The only downfall has been my fibre. My Fitness Pal is set to 25g of fibre a day (how much should I be getting?) but I haven’t been hitting that 25g in the last week. Definitely a nutritional goal for next week is to make sure that I am getting enough fibre in.

We took one evening out of our regular diet to try out a new restaurant at Venetian Village at The Ritz-Carlton, and you’ll see a post on that incredible place later this week (fyi I actually believe this is the best meal I’ve ever had)…

Photo 7-21-16, 20 07 41

Next Week…

Next week is another busy one on the books. I don’t know how my little legs are going to cope! 5 sessions a day with clients, then my own training on top of that. And on top of alllll of that, we have a big list of to-do’s to get through before we get to leave the UK. One of which is get my bridesmaid dress altered – which I didn’t have time to do this week (don’t kill me Mysha!)

Photo 7-23-16, 10 57 44

Now less than two weeks until we fly… please please please let this week go fast!


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