Unlucky for Some! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 13

Oh my christ…this week has been mental!

Photo 7-15-16, 15 13 56.jpg

What the hell is a windchill of 59?!! The weather has just been the tip of the bloody iceberg…oh my god it’s been hot!

I’ve had a busy busy week this week – 2 new clients starting on Sunday, all of my other clients and my own workouts every. single. damn. day. Surprisingly though, I managed to get through the week pretty well and without a breakdown (win to me!). I think a few good things happened and helped me get through on adrenaline.. read on to find out the goodies.


Each workout went well this week, and I fit them all in around/after/in between my clients. My strength hasn’t deteriorated, but I haven’t moved up in any weights in the past week or two, so I can definitely tell that the long-term calorie deficit is taking its toll.

With that being said – I went to the gym this morning (Saturday) and I upped my weight on both my squats and leg extensions…so scrap that lol!

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I’ve been working out in different gyms as well which has made a good change. A different environment sometimes makes for an improved workout, and in some cases that was true this week 🙂

I ammmm getting a little bored of the workouts (week 6 of these ones coming up) and sometimes I find myself adding in extra exercises/different exercises to get around the ones I don’t like. I’m trying to avoid this though, as I know the plan that was made for me is the best for me. But if I want to throw in some extra moves that I miss, then why the hell not!


Nutrition has been soooooo good this week, even if I do say so myself. Macros on point, calories on point, enough fibre and a great range of food to keep me happy!

If you don’t know already, I opt for the more ‘flexible dieting’ approach. I have my macros set, and I stick to them +/-5g every day. I aim for 25g fibre each day and ensure that I don’t go over my calories by more than 50 (based on my macros fitting properly). Yes, sometimes it takes a bit of mathematical wizardry to make foods fit, and I sometimes spend quite a bit of time on MyFitnessPal to make sure everything is prepared for the next day – but I am more than happy to do this to see the results that I have been seeing across this plan. I eat pasta, rice & quinoa and enjoy pancakes/oats every single day (and my god do I love them!). It’s not all chicken, sweet potato and broccoli! I even had Gelato on Wednesday mmmmmmm!

Photo 7-13-16, 16 50 32

Other Stuff…

Keep this between me and you – but I’ve been feeling quite body confident this week! I can feel my body reacting to the nutrition and exercise that I’ve been so consistent with and it’s really starting to show. I’ve posted a fair few photos on Instagram this week (sorry) but that just shows that I am feeling more confident in my own body. Going backwards isn’t an option at this stage…

I also hit a new low weigh-in this week – EEEEEK! The lowest weigh in since November last year. I haven’t been below 60kg since then, and I was so freakin’ happy when I dropped this week! I know I shouldn’t be focused the scales, but I know where my body is comfortable, and that’s around the 58-59kg mark. So yippee to me! The number 13 might me unlucky for some, but definitely not for me 🙂

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Next Week…

Next week is another busy one, just like this week…but if I’ve got through it once then I can definitely get through it again. I need to make sure that I stick to my workouts no matter what to carry on with the progression that I so badly want. I mentioned all of this to Lucy at TeamSuperFox and she’s thrown in some extra cardio for fun and games lol. My post-workout has upped from 20 minutes to 30, and I’ve got 200 step ups to do alongside my 45 minutes of cardio on my ‘rest’ days.

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Less than 3 weeks until we fly.. I’m so ready for this holiday!


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