The Calm Before The Storm! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 12

Hola Chica’s and Chico’s…

Another week down ALREADY?!! This is going so damn fast!

If you’re reading this then we are already within 4 weeks of flying to the UK for our holi-bobs! I realised this week, that since being together, Matt & I haven’t actually been on a holiday. Moving to a different country definitely doesn’t count (there’s too much stress related to that even though it went pretty damn smoothly)…and so I really can’t wait to kick back with some Sangria and Cerveza’s in the kind of sunshine that doesn’t burn your skin off #UAELife

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My workouts this week actually went really well! I shuffled around the training order a bit and it seemed to work – meaning I did the difficult sessions at the beginning of the week to get them out of the way lol! Once again I had Matt with me on the tough upper body workout, and he really helped get me through it – as always. My deadlifts were spot on (aka I didn’t hurt myself) and I felt strong with my squats.

Nothing has changed in a while with the workouts – we’ve done 4 weeks of these now – so I am pretty used to them now. I remember the first week of the workouts taking FOREVERRRRR and now I can smash through the main section in 45-50 minutes and throw the cardio on top and not think about it too much. The long cardio days suck sometimes, but we mix it up with cycling around the track or going Spinning – so I don’t have to mindlessly go through the motions on the cross trainer/treadmill.

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Definition progress from May until now.

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I was also very happy on Friday morning. I woke up and felt pretty lean, so I thought I would cheat the system a bit and jump on the scales (even though I am only supposed to weigh myself once a week). Turned out it was a new low of 60.2kg and I was super excited *cue a million selfies*


My day of indulgences last week after my monthly body comp test really helped me keep stay focused this week. Exactly what I needed! My food has been spot on 100% and I am super happy!! With my flexible dieting approach to my nutrition, I make sure that I stick to my macros +/- 5g at all times, and try to stay within a 50cal limit of my overall calorie goals. Though it has made absolutely no difference to my overall weight this week, I know that the consistency is what is going to get me there in the end. But I still always get my protein pancakes in at the end of the day…

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Moving Forward…

This week has been the calm before the storm, because I have had a relatively quiet week when it comes to Personal Training sessions. It was the last week of Ramadan leading into Eid, and it all kicks off again from Sunday! New clients, busy days and lots of work to do! I am 100% aware that I am going to have to schedule in some strategic power-naps throughout the week so that I am able to complete my training sessions along with my clients to the best of my ability, and I will be making sure to get my big sessions done early in the week when I have the most energy and drive.

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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about negativity and it’s effect on people (especially myself). I don’t see the point in peoples negativity over trivial things – I really find it draining at times and I’ve been actively trying to remove it from my life. Negative comments, thoughts and feelings get removed from my timeline/newsfeed pretty rapidly, and I am really working hard on turning the not-so-good things around as quickly as possible. I’m not a huge person for motivational quotes and things, but I really believe that cutting out negativity starts with ourselves 🙂

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The countdown is officially on! I’m so freakin’ excited!!


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