Body Update: June 30th

Hey Guys!!

Okay, so hopefully you would have read my blog post yesterday with my thoughts and feelings going into todays body composition test (here), so we can get right into all of the juicy stuff straight away!

Weights and Measurements

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 07.20.16

Wowsers!! Yay!!! EEEEEEEEKKKKK! (and secretly – thank god!)

These results have honestly made my day 🙂 I’m a very numbers orientated kind of person, so even though I physically felt better and looked better in the pictures – I need to have the numbers there in black and white to really cement it and make me believe it.

My measurements are down 4 inches from last month, and that makes it 15 inches from the beginning of my Fitness Journey in November 2014! Ooooosh!!

Everyone who’s trying to lose weight or get fitter etc etc knows that the mind can play some pretty evil tricks on you when it comes to how you see yourself in the mirror – and so having an InBody test is my way of having everything finalised on one sheet of paper.

Photo 6-30-16, 07 24 05

As you can see, I’ve lost almost a kilo in body fat in the last 5 weeks. That’s really bloody damn good and I’m very happy with that. My weight has dropped 1.5kg in total which is awesome!

My legs have gained muscle mass, from 7.50kg each to 7.57/ 7.6kg. My left leg is my dominant one so you can see that it’s got a little more muscle there, but that just means I need to make sure I am using my body evenly when I’m exercising and not pushing up with my strong leg on squats etc.

The rest of the weight lost (0.5kg) has unfortunately come from muscle mass, but I 100% understood that this would happen. I am currently in a calorie deficit (aka I am eating less than the energy I am putting out) and so it is extremely difficult to retain all muscle when my body is in this state. BUT, I am very happy with the ratio of 1kg of fat loss along with 500g of muscle…so if that could just keep happening I’d be happy with it lol! You can compare all of the numbers with last months InBody test by going to last months body update here.

Progress Photos…

Photo 6-30-16, 07 22 33Photo 6-30-16, 06 20 01

^^ The last 4 weeks check-in photos with Lucy

Well I can obviously see that I have leaned down quite a bit between the last body comp test on May 26th to now. There has been an obvious change in my body and I am super happy to see it! I wanted to show you the week on week photos as well. I send Lucy at Team Superfox a weekly check-in photo every Wednesday…and as you can see they are very slightly different week on week which can sometimes play with my mind and make me not see any changes. That’s why the monthly ones are always really good to look at for me. Lucy has been 100% supportive all of the way through and making sure that I am seeing the changes that she is seeing, and I am SO grateful for that.

Photo 6-30-16, 07 22 02

From the beginning of my Fitness Journey in November 2014 some serious changes have gone down right?!! Just look at my legs!!! They are the bane of my life (even now) and I am trying my hardest to shape them up, grow some muscle and lose some fat. We are definitely getting there, but we need to understand that this kind of thing, especially for females, is a tough job! We haven’t got the testosterone in our bodies to help build and maintain muscle mass…we’ve got to work for it!

The Plan Going Forward…

Photo 6-30-16, 07 44 25

Oh my god, today we are only FIVE weeks away from flying to the UK, and then 10 days after that we are flying to IBIZZAAAAAA! This time is going faster than I thought, and I couldn’t be more excited! My head feels really in the zone right now – and yes of course there are hard days when I want to eat every damn thing in the supermarket – but I really try to cut out any influences that aren’t on the same track as what I am (and I never do the food shop on an empty stomach lol!)

I said last month that we were going to have a ‘free meal’ every 2 weeks to really dial it down, but I’ve only actually had one in the last 5 weeks, which was an incredible Iftar at Park Rotana. I’ve got through Euros matches with Matt without indulging (and my god they were tough) and I am still on track with my alcohol abstinence – 78 days strong today! I will be having a little treat today to mark weigh in day (Menchies and Salt if you were wondering) but then I will be right back on it from tomorrow. I don’t know if we will have any indulgences this month…I’m currently following IIFYM to hit my macros, and so this allows for little bits and bobs here and there to keep me sane (hello pop tarts!!). I like going out for a steak, so that might happen if we do end up eating out at any point…

The next 5 weeks is the home straight…all to play for, and I really don’t want anything to get in the way (so please don’t get in my way lol). I’ve realised that in the past few weeks that I need to be a little bit selfish at this stage – not in a rude or obnoxious way – but if I need to turn down a social event because it will pose a threat to my end goal…then so be it!  It’s only 5 weeks, and it’ll go by in a breeze. I feel like I’m training/dieting for a competition lol but I’m not haha!!

If anyone has any advice, tips or tricks on how to get through these last 5 weeks with some sanity left then please please comment below and let me know. Hit me up with your favourite high-volume foods that are macro friendly too!! Dr Pepper Zero has been my go-to for the last few weeks, but I really want to cut out a lot of artificial stuff…


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  1. What a difference in a month, you look amazing! I have 5 weeks til my wedding so you’re motivating me to stay on track, I CAN make a difference by then!

    As for high volume foods, switching rice & pasta for caul rice and courgetti has been a god send for me 🙂


    1. Only 5 weeks!? How exciting!! I’m bridesmaid for my best friend on August 6th so that’s goal one 🙂 I need to get my dress altered so that’s definitely a good sign!!

      Cauli rice and courgetti are great ideas – I used courgetti quite a bit (as I don’t eat pasta) and they definitely help! Thanks so much, and stay on track! Xxx


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