The Night Before the Weigh-In (June 29th)…

My Thoughts…The Night Before

So, I’m writing this little section on June 29th – just to let you guys know how I’m thinking/feeling the day before my body composition test. As you might already know, I always get my body composition tests done at Vogue Fitness on Yas Island – so I completely trust their validity and consistency, and tomorrow I will head back there again!

My last body comp was 5 weeks ago (you can see the full results from May 26th here) and I really feel as if I have made some progress since then 🙂

I feel as if I should see some drops in my body measurements and a drop in my body fat percentage as well – here’s hoping!

May 1st-May 25th

Last months photos…

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 14.44.04

Last months measurements…

The photos from the past 5 weeks check-in’s with Lucy have definitely shown some progress too, and I haven’t been able to show you – but I need to get my bridesmaid dress altered this week because it’s waaaay too big now! Non-scale victory right there!

Photo 6-25-16, 07 33 31

These didn’t fit a few weeks ago!!

My workouts changed around 3 weeks ago, and so I have been working with a new split (including quite a bit of cardio). If you have seen my weekly Ibiza Diaries updates, my split is explained in full on there…

I’m not feeling too nervous going into tomorrows body comp test – but you never know what might happen. I’d love to be below 19% body fat…but we will see 🙂

So, with that said – I’ll see you guys tomorrow for the full update!!