‘From Earth to your Door’ @SoilStore

Sometimes I feel lucky that I have a fiancé that works in retail. Not because I get discount (well, sometimes because of that) but because he always lets me know when new things are popping up or opening in Yas Mall.

When we told me that he saw something called SoilStore opening up, and it looked like cllllll of the things I would love – I was the first to go and check it out!


Forget heading to the busy supermarket to pick up your organic and healthy bits and bobs, head straight to SoilStore either at Yas Mall or online, and get exactly what you need!

I was lucky enough to be able to try some of the products..and got super excited when the boxes arrived at my front door!

Photo 5-21-16, 15 54 01

First of all, the Rude Health Organic Oatmeal & Daily Oats. If any of you know me (or follow my Snapchat ‘TiffyBarrett’) then you will know that I use oats every.single.day.! Whether it’s a big bowl of porridge for breakfast, or protein pancakes as my evening snack – oats play a massive part in my every day life. I was really happy to get these in the pack, and started using them the very next day. The daily oats are absolutely perfect for rush-around me as they are quick-cooking. They made perfect porridge and scrummy pancakes every single time – a big YES from me!

Photo 5-21-16, 15 55 22

And they’re whole grain too…!

The Organic Oatmeal is the type where it’s best to leave overnight or cook up fresh in a pan. When I have the time to do this, these make the most warming home-comforting breakfast. Add a dash of honey and I’m in heaven!!

Photo 5-21-16, 15 54 22

These little beauties were a godsend! Being a healthy eater most of the time can make you miss certain things, like crisps! These Emily fruit crisps are the perfect crunch addition to any diet, and full-on healthy too! I tried the Apple and Pineapple varieties, and both were very yum! I am always a little hesitant with these kinds of foods to make sure that no nasties are added in, and these ones have no additives, no preservatives, no e-numbers and no added sugar – perfect!

Photo 5-28-16, 11 56 00

Oooh, I almost forgot to mention – these coconut chips also came in the box of goodies! Only 3 ingredients make these beasties, and a serving (1/2 bag) is only 90cals! I love the distinct coconutty taste of these, but that makes it very difficult to stick to the one portion. I always know I’ll eat the whole bag 🙂

Photo 5-29-16, 09 42 43

Calling all coffee lovers out there!! I was really intrigued to see these Coffee Brewer pouches in the box and had to read the instructions a couple of times to realise how SUPER EASY these things are. If you don’t have a coffee machine in your home but you love 100% real coffee, these beasties are for you! OR if you’re ever going camping or travelling or on a flight and you want some REAL coffee in your life – pick up some of these!

All you have to do is open the pouch at the top, fill to the line with boiling water, seal up the zip lock and let it brew for 2-6 minutes (depending on how strong you want it). Then simply pour out of the little spout – it really couldn’t be simpler! And they taste divinnnneee! Proper real coffee – and so simple too!

Photo 6-13-16, 10 40 04

One of the most awesome things that came with my SoilStore delivery was my amazing Promixx! The worlds most powerful handheld vortex mixer – for those days where you just don’t want to shake up your protein/supps!

I use it daily for my BCAA’s, Amino Acids and Creatine – and it mixes everything perfectly! I end up just giving it a whizz for funsies lol!

I really can’t wait to try some more stuff from SoilStore! I’m currently eyeing up the Granola’s and Protein for my next visit – YUM!!

I always take a visit to SoilStore when I am in Yas Mall. You’ll find it on Level 2 outside of The Coffee Club, or you can always go and order online here

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