IGNORE THE SCALES!!! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 10

Another pretty good week over here in Abu Dhabi!

If you didn’t see last weeks blog, then here’s my training plan for my weeks at the moment:

Photo 6-17-16, 17 35 29

Unfortunately I hurt my back last Friday doing deadlifts, and so my squats were really hindered on Saturdays leg day. I had to make some changes, and so I did some extra leg presses (wide and narrow) and some extra leg extensions on the machines. I didn’t want to skip the workout, so I just made sure that I did the exercises on machines where my back was supported.

Sometimes the cardio days can really bloody bore me, but this week that was not the case! Yay! Matt wanted to train and I wanted to train, so we did both our days together 🙂 On Tuesday we went to the cardio gym and followed a GCN training video, with the hope that these will help with our Ibiza ride! It was super sweaty, but so much easier to do it alongside Matt (plus he makes me competitive to stay at the same level as him)

Photo 6-20-16, 17 23 57

Wednesday is my check in with Lucy, and as always the night before I was pretty nervous. My weight hadn’t been changing in the last few weeks and it’s quite bloody frustrating, but I stepped on and we had dropped 0.8kg, putting me at 61.2kg. FINALLY a drop in the scales. Small…but still a drop! So much reassurance from her which cheered me up no end, and spurred me on to crack on with most of my training for the rest of the week!

I have been feeling ridiculously tired at points during the week, mainly in the afternoons…and I have taken the opportunity to nap where I can. It’s more than likely a mix of the energy used in my clients sessions, plus the energy used in my own training sessions that knocks me out, plus the fact that I’m in a deficit calorie-wise…but I know when I need to rest, and yesterday (Friday) was just one of those days. I didn’t manage my pull training session..but I did rest up and felt good going into legs today. Taking one of the team there me thinks!

A mixture of things seem to have caused me to pull my left glute this week (I know, right?!). I had a strong glute session on Thursday, followed by an hour long Spinning class with Matt where we were out of the saddle for the WHOLE houroh jesus – that hurt! So in the end, this mornings (Saturday) leg session was tough on the ol’ derrière!

I had been feeling pretty good the last week or so, which can normally be told by the amount of photos I take and upload onto Instagram lol…so I thought I would give my bridesmaid dress and some other clothes a go to see how they were fitting.

Photo 6-25-16, 09 13 56

I’ve only tried on my bridesmaid dress once before, the day it got delivered from the UK back on the 1st May. It fit absolutely fine – I would just need the length adjusted once I bought my heels. I tried it on yesterday (Friday) and it bloody well needs adjusting!! Not just a little, there’s a good couple of inches that need pulling in! EEEEKKKK!!! Now – I wish I could show you what it looks like, but the bride might well kill me, so I’ll have to show you after the wedding in August lol! I did however try on some other clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in months because they simply haven’t fit….

Photo 6-25-16, 07 33 31

So this week I am a very happy girl. It 100% proves that ignoring the scales is sometimes the most important thing to do. I am terrible for getting too hung up on the numbers and then weighing myself every day and feeling sad about it and that sadness turning into eating (and we all know that’s a bad way to go!). Time to ignore the scales for a bit, listen to my body and see how I feel in my own clothes!

Next Week I have my measurements & body composition test, which (at the moment) I am really looking forward to. It will have been 5 weeks between my last one and this one, so I am hoping to see some good changes. Eyes on the prize!

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We’ve got 5 weeks and 4 days until we fly to the UK, and then only 10 days after that we are flying to Ibiza for our holiday. Sometimes it feels so close, and other times it feels miles and miles away!! EYES ON THE PRIZE!!!

Photo 6-24-16, 14 06 14

Have a good week everyone, and as always your comments are always appreciated 🙂