Tired but Taking Photos – The Ibiza Diaries: Week 9

I finally feel back on track this week, which is great!

If you’ve been following the Ibiza Diaries, you would have seen that Lucy sent me a bunch of new workouts for my training days:

Photo 6-17-16, 17 35 29

…with every single day including cardio too!!

I took the first week of the new routine in my stride. Of course I was a little cautious with some of the weights as I didn’t really know where I was at with some of the exercises, but it’s really put me in a good place to head into next weeks exercises knowing exactly what I am doing and what weights to load on.

Since picking up a few more clients for Personal Training, I now obviously need to work my own training around my client sessions. This generally means that my training now takes place late morning or early afternoon. Being Ramadan, the gym seems to be extremely busy in the afternoons so I have been trying to avoid these times…but there has been a couple of times this past week where I have been in an absolutely heaving gym, waiting around for equipment or not being able to get on it at all. This makes the work-outs all that little bit harder, with some of them taking waaaaaay to long. But it’s not forever…so I am just sticking it out!

Something that I’ve noticed this week is how tirrrredddd I’ve felt after every workout. Maybe because we can’t drink water inside our gym (Ramadan), or maybe just because it’s all been new this week so it’s fully taken it’s toll.

But another thing I’ve noticed is that I’ve taken more body pics – whether it’s been on Snapchat or Instagram – and that shows that I am getting steadily happier with my body and how it looks…which of course is a GREAT sign!

I do feel better than I have since the beginning of April…so we are definitely heading in the right direction (thank god!). I’m confident that by sticking to my edited training plan and being mindful about my nutrition along the way…the results will keep on coming.

Nutritionally I feel that I’ve been doing a lot better since moving back to flexible dieting from the regimented plan that I was on. My macros haven’t changed from the original plan – but I am using those macros however I deem necessary throughout the day (95% of which are clean/whole foods). I know that I crave a lot of stuff a lot of the time, so being able to fit a little bit of something in my macros keeps my mind nice and sane!

Photo 6-12-16, 21 04 29
Pancakes and Pop-Tarts…what more could you want?!!

I’m using a fair few supplements at the moment to help me along the way (suggested to me by Lucy at Team Superfox) and I’ll be doing a separate post on the supps and their benefits, so keep an eye out for that! I don’t feel as if I will keep all of them on once this little holiday-prep is over…but there are definitely a few that will be sticking around!

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get to a spinning class this week, so the Ibiza Cycling Training isn’t going all that well :-/ 100% worried that I am going to be a struggler on this ride (BIG TIME).

And that’s this week in a nutshell! Next week is more of the same… 7 days of training, knuckling down and napping wherever possible lol!

Have a good week everyone, and as always your comments are always appreciated 🙂