It’s all Go, Go GO!! The Ibiza Diaries – Week 8

Now that I am back on the blogosphere (read why I’ve been a bad blogger here) I seem to have a new sense of urgency to boomin’ well crack on. Possibly because I’ve come to realise that there are only EIGHT WEEKS until we fly back to the UK – and that means that I’m already halfway through what I thought was a really long ‘prep’ stage for the weddings and Ibiza.

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Possibly also because Lucy at Team Superfox has said that it’s time to switch up my workouts (yippee!!). After 7 or so weeks on the plan I was on, I kinda felt like that too – but I am just trying to trust the process and Lucy’s knowledge – and pretty much just do whatever I’m told to do by removing all emotion from it and cracking on. I’ve seen some good changes in the past weeks (especially in my legs) and I can’t wait to see some more!

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And possibly because I’ve come to realise a few things about how I manage with structure and nutrition and training myself around my clients etc etc etc. The last few weeks have definitely been a learning curve, and I think I can safely say that I am out the other end of it with a bit more sanity and knowledge about how to go forward and push for these last 8 weeks…


Training is switching up biiiiiig style leading into the final stretch. If you remember before I was doing 1 heavy lower, 1 heavy upper and a volume session of each every week, including 2 cardio sessions and a circuit/body combat session. For the past two weeks, Lucy added in 2 sprint sessions per week to try and kick-off some more fat loss. My NEW training plan is as follows: 

– Day 1: Legs + 20 mins cardio

– Day 2: Push Day + 10 mins HIIT + 20 mins cardio

– Day 3: Shoulders, Glutes & Abs + 20 mins cardio

– Day 4: 45-60 mins cardio

– Day 5: Glutes + 20 mins cardio

– Day 6: 45-60 mins cardio

– Day 7: Pull Day + 10 mins HIIT + 20 mins cardio

The workouts weren’t given to me in that particular order, but I have moved them around to suit my week here. My Day 1 will be a Saturday – a day which I generally have to myself, so it gives me plenty of time to concentrate on a heavy legs day (and then a strong ability to nap later on in the day too lol). I put cardio on Day 4 (Tuesdays) because we’ll more than likely head over to Yas Marina Circuit to cycle or run as they open it up on that day, and also cardio on Day 6 (Thursday) as there’s a decent spinning class we’ve grown to like at The Room that’s on a Thursday evening.

I’ve found out – the hard way – that it’s really important to make sure that I’m planning my workouts efficiently around my day to day job and events that we like to take part in. It’s pointless for me to try and train legs on a Sunday because that’s the day I am busiest and I just won’t have the energy in me. I like spinning (and I get to workout with Matt too) so we plan that in for a Thursday. Work around what YOU’VE got, and it’ll be so much more enjoyable. Here’s my not so enjoyable face though…

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No pain, no gain – right?!! lol


This one has been the biggie I think. I’ve never had someone give me a list of meals, and the specific times I needed to eat them. The first few weeks were absolutely fine – the excitement of a new & structured plan kept me going. Then I guess I got used to the meals and tried to find excuses to add things in (when really I should have just used the macros in a different way). THENNNN that led to a bit of falling off the rails, but I’m out the other side with a realisation that I definitely need some flexibility in my diet to be able to maintain it.

I have my macros set for my training and rest days – and the days falls like so:



– Day 3: Shoulders, Glutes & Abs + REST DAY MACROS

– Day 4: Cardio + REST DAY MACROS


– Day 6: Cardio + REST DAY MACROS


So I will be generally sticking to the nutrition plan that Lucy sent me originally, but if I feel like I need to switch something out to curb a craving or mentally put me in a better place – then I have the flexibility to do that. I track all of my macros on My Fitness Pal, and you can follow me here or add me with the username ‘TiffaniBarrett’

Life In General…

Now that I am getting busier as a Personal Trainer here in Abu Dhabi, I have realised that I am not always going to be able to work out first thing in the morning (my faaaave). There might be times where I need to workout mid-morning, mid-afternoon or even in the evenings – but whatever happens…I’ve got to make it happen! If it means splitting up my weights and sprints session to fit it in properly, then so be in. EYES ON THE PRIZE BARRETT!!!

Luckily, Matt is as involved in this as me…as we both want to look and feel our best for the weddings and holiday, so we are both working together to make sure that we stick to our guns and push through those workouts no matter how we feel!

The Ibiza Diaries will be back properly now – I promise! Sorry for the hiatus…I seriously just was not feeling the blogging hype the last 2 weeks..but I. Am. Back!


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Photos by moi and Kaby at Kaby’s Photography.