I’ve been a bad (fitness) blogger…

I’ve been a bad blogger. There – I said it!


There are a couple of things that have drawn to this conclusion, and I just wanted to easeeee myself back into it with a quick explanation for you all…

1 – I haven’t actually been blogging. At all.

Oh dear. That’s pretty much rule numero uno for blogging right?! You actually have to put together a blog sometimes? Looking back, my last post 2 was weeks ago, and that was my standard monthly Body Update with the Inbody test results.. Nothing special, original or unique there..same old same old. I haven’t really felt motivated to write a blog post because I don’t feel as if there has been much to actually write about. My workouts have been exactly the same, my food has been exaaaactly the same, and everything has just been ticking along. I guess I’ve been bored and that’s shown on my blog too…

2 – I went a litttttttle off track. Oopsie.

By this, I mean I spent a couple of weekends eating rubbish and keeping it a secret. Until yesterday when I had a little bit of a breakdown and told Matt, tears streaming down my face (god knows what he must have thought!). The funny thing is, if you follow me on My Fitness Pal, you would have actually seen that I logged absolutely everything from these weekends – from the Cinnabons (multiple) to the mountains of Menchies fro-yo, Nandos and White Chocolate Galaxy (yes, it does exist!).

I felt absolutely HORRENDOUS following these weekends, but I finally had the sense to snap out of it last Saturday and I’ve been 100% ever since. The whole thing was triggered by the anticipation of a ‘cheat meal’ that was planned at an Indian restaurant, and it all just kinda snowballed from there.

Oh well – now that’s done and over with we can get back on track hey?

Looking forward, I’m excited to be telling you about the edits to my workouts, my thoughts on my nutrition plan and what it looks like between now and Weddings/Ibiza!

Photo 6-5-16, 19 33 25

Stay tuned…!

Tiff xxx