Body Update: May 26th

Sorry guys, I didn’t write down my pre weigh-in thoughts before I stepped on the InBody this morning. I guess I really didn’t know what to think. With the machine not working when I wanted to weigh in at the beginning of May, it was pretty difficult to judge where I was after the birthday/diet break at the beginning of April.

Last months short term goal was to stay on track with Matts parents visiting us. I’m really happy to say that I think I did really well. I had an awful lot of food prep done which really helped me, and I managed to stay away from a lot of temptation!

Anyways, let’s jump right into it shall we?

Weights and Measurements

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 14.44.04

So as you can see, we’ve had a jump up from March in body fat (which is pretty much the main thing that I look at). I am happy that it is still under 20% – I don’t think I’d ever like to go over that threshold again – but I am kinda sad that it seems as if I am back to where I was at the beginning of 2016. I honestly can’t believe that 2 weeks off of my diet made my body reverse that way!! I kept up with my exercise at least 4 times a week in my 2 week diet break, and as soon as I got back into my diet I have stuck to it like bloody glue! Oh well – what can you do!

The good thing is that my muscle mass is still increasing! You can see that from February, my muscle mass has been increasing slowly throughout the months. The end of February is when I started taking supplements to help me retain muscle, and I really believe that these are the catalyst to the small increases each month. I’ll go through my supplement stack in fresh post if you’d like to see it? Let me know in the comments below…

Photo 5-26-16, 06 55 09.jpg

Other small things on the InBody results that we can look at is total body water (which has increased – yay to hydration!), and my segmental lean mass and body fat:

Thankfully, the lean mass in my legs have increased from 7.42 to 7.5kg – actually, every segment of my body has increased lean muscle from the previous months. Unfortunately though, the Segmental Fat has increased in every area as well (mainly the trunk area – anywhere from my neck down to my pelvis).

I’m a numbers girl – so I spend ages pouring over these sheets analysing every last bit!

Progress Photos…

May 1st-May 25thNov 14-May25th 16

The Plan Going Forward…

I have sent my results over to Lucy at Team Superfox, and I am sure that she is going to be making a few changes to my training plan and possibly my macros too, so I will let you all know what happens there!

There are no obstacles in our way now – no visitors & no special occasions which would generally lead to eating/drinking. There are 10 weeks until we fly back to the UK for my best friends wedding, and 11 weeks until we fly to Ibiza for our holiday. Me and Matt have decided that we will have our untracked meal once every two weeks (instead of every week) and we are both super focused on the main goal! I’m not drinking at all (it’s been 43 days) and I am working my hardest to get where I want to be!!

My next body composition will be in 5 weeks time, and then 5 weeks after that will be the day before we fly to the UK – so I though that would be a good spread out of measurements etc.

I appreciate all of your comments, so pop some down below! Any advice is always appreciated 🙂


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  1. Great progress and best of luck with your next 10 weeks! The best part is your muscle mass has consistently increased.
    Where/how do you get all your stats measured from if you don’t mind me asking?


    1. Hey! Thanks for your response. I get my stats done on an InBody machine at a local Crossfit box – it’s the best machine ice found in the city so far x


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