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‘Detox?!!!’ I hear you say… (just bare with me, please)

If you know brunch, then you also know that you don’t particularly go to brunch to detox. But maybe you’re all brunched out? Maybe you want to brunch but it seriously messes up your macros (never a truer word spoken!). Or maybe you simply love the idea of a intimate brunch full of healthy choices to round of your week perfectly.

Ever since I heard about Nolu’s Detox Brunch at The Galleria Mall – I already knew that this was the kind of brunch I needed to experience. I had already visited Nolu’s at Al Bandar a couple of times, and each time I was impressed with their menu and the quality of food served to me. The breakfast items are to die for, and the huge juice & smoothie menu means that there is something for everyones tastes.

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Arriving at Nolu’s at midday last Saturday, we could already see plenty of full tables enjoying the brunch (which starts at 11am and runs through until 3). The restaurant is bright and airy, with a beautiful view across the water and to the Abu Dhabi skyline. We were immediately shown around the different buffet stations before being shown to our table and passed the menu.

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It didn’t take us long to go and get stuck in, firstly heading to the juice station and helping ourselves to a cold-pressed fat burner and some beautiful infused water. We also grabbed a yummy detox shot (the closest thing you’ll get to real shots at this brunch!). Straight after that we picked up an incredible build-your-own salad bowl. I actually don’t think I’ve ever seen a salad bar with so many different additions to choose from. My bowl definitely ended up being a bit of everything, and it was so good that I went back for seconds! Now – who would have thought I would say that about a salad?!

The great thing about the raw salad bar was the huge variety of ingredients to choose from. Making a salad at home is just simply not as exciting. I wouldn’t be able to add all of the different components at home without the dish costing a small fortune, and so this one just felt extra special! With the whole roast turkey sat proudly at the end of the raw salad station, it was only right to add a couple of juicy slices for the extra protein kick!

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Matt has as big a sweet tooth as me, and so the next course just had to be from the granola station. Now, this was simply incredible! Grab a bowl, fill it with Nolu’s own home-made granola, and then top it with fresh fruit, nuts, superfoods and the thickest/creamiest greek yoghurt I think I have ever tasted. There were chia puddings topped with fresh fruit to choose from as well – but I stuck with the incredibly tasty granola and topped it with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, coconut shavings and spirulina. I would have been happy to continuously return to that station all day (and Matt did!).

We were finally ready to order our Entrees from the menu, with me going for the Beef Benedict and Matt opting for the Chicken & Waffles. Waiting for these fresh dishes from the kitchen gave us a welcome break from eating, but our conversations didn’t last long before they were served to our table.

Matt’s chicken and waffles was stacked high – and me being the foodie that I am – I watched him take his first bite. If a picture tells a thousand words, then his face told a million! I, of course, immediately asked to try some – and immediately made the same face as he did. It was so.damn.good! I don’t even know what the sauce was on top, but it all tasted incredible together. My Beef Benedict was just as tasty, stacked nice and high on top of the sweetcorn fritter with perfect #YolkPorn when I broke the egg with my knife. I only wished there were two though, as the dish was on the small side (for me).

After various trips back to previously-visited stations, we headed for the good stuff…

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Which side do you think I went for?

Quite surprising myself actually – I only touched desserts from the ‘Unguilty Pleasures’ side of the table. I was quite impressed with myself, but after tasting what I had on my plate – I realised that I had absolutely no reason to go to the other side of the dessert buffet but just enough reason to take a second trip back to the good stuff. Now, these desserts aren’t exactly low calorie, so don’t go kidding yourself that they are perfectly healthy, but they are definitely the healthier alternative…so I say dig in 😉

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Errrhhhh maaaa ghaaaaad!

I am a chocolate fiend, and so my absolutely favourites were the chocolate brownies and the goji berry bites. It was actually ridiculous how good these were (and these were the ones I went back for). I can literally taste them right now as I am writing this and I would love nothing more than to drive over to the Galleria and pick up a pack of them and eat them all. Oh jeez. So good!

Unfortunately, on the not so good side were the matcha bites. The base was absolutely gorgeous – flapjack like – but there was just a little too much matcha on there for me, making me kind-of inhale the dust and not enjoy that particular dessert. Oh well – more chocolatey goodness for me!

What I would have actually really loved was a cup of tea or coffee throughout the brunch, and I think that would have been a great addition to an already amazing brunch. The atmosphere of the restaurant was fab, with a live DJ throughout setting the scene, and all of the staff were extremely helpful and friendly.

I know that Nolu’s is running the Saturday Detox Brunch for a couple more weeks before the summer kicks in – so make sure you get down to The Galleria and experience all of the goodness with none of the guilt!

Nolu’s Downtown Restaurant is situated within The Galleria Mall, Maryah Island.

Facebook: Nolu’s Restaurant

Call 02 557 9500 to book

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