Cardio Crazy!! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 5

Saturday’s come around bloody quick don’t they?!!

This week has actually been pretty damn good. No complaints from my side really, so that’ll be the end of this blog post lol!

Photo 5-21-16, 09 48 48

Okay…maybe not!

Remember last week when I said that the DOMS were real after lower heavy day? Well, low and behold, this week I didn’t get any pain in the days following the session – PLUS I got through it without crying at Bulgarian Split Squats – so that kinda means that I need to start upping the weight some more. Whaaaaaaaaaa!! *sad face*. Get ready for return of the DOMS…!

I did a tonnnnnne of cardio this week too!! Kinda without really realising it. I had a couple of planned walks at the beginning of the week so I smashed them out whilst listening to some podcasts and stuff, and then I kinda just did some more! I also had to re-learn my choreography, so all in all this weeks cardio ended up being:

– Sunday: 2 hr (10k) walk

– Monday: 1 hr aerobics choreography

– Tuesday 1 hr aerobics and 1 hr (5k) walk at Yas Marina Circuit

– Thursday: 1 hr spinning

– Saturday: 1hr (5k) walk in gym

So, on top of my weight sessions, I managed a whopping 7 hours of cardio this week! I’m not actually supposed to be doing that much because as all of you will probably know, it’s really the only variable we can play with in the week-by-week rundown to my best friends wedding and Ibiza…but it kinda just happened so I’m not really going to complain about it!

Photo 5-17-16, 13 13 15

^^ My cardio face… 

I’ve also been working with some clients this week so there have been times when I have felt super tired. It’s like having a full time job again lol 😉

Nutrition wise, I’ve actually done really well (I’m even quite shocked). We did our super-prep last week and I made sure that I have everything ready for the next day, especially if I am working away from home. I bought an awesome cooler lunch bag from paperchase in Dubai and I’ve been using that to take my prep around with me.

I honestly thought that I would be getting super bored with the foods I’m eating, but I haven’t and that’s a god send. Normally when I get bored of eating something, I try to find other things to add to it to make it more interesting – but with the amazingness of Walden’s Farms sauces and syrups (and some cheeky hot sauce), I’ve been able to add some flavour with ZERO calories.

Photo 4-23-16, 16 53 34

We had been 11 days super-strict on our diets, so today we did head to Nolu’s Downtown, where we indulged a little in their wonderful Detox Brunch. Now, you guys might think I’m a little crazy when I call a detox brunch an indulgence, but even though all of the things we ate were healthy/raw/sugar free etc – there were definitely things that aren’t part of my diet plan and so that to me is an indulgence. There’ll be a full review up in a couple of days so make sure you come and check that out. If you’re reading this on Saturday you can also see the yumminess over on my Snapchat: TiffyBarrett

Photo 5-21-16, 19 45 08

So, all in all – this week has been pretty damn good. My weight is dropping, Lucy at Team Superfox says that my photos are looking better (I’m so judgemental of myself that I can’t see any differences lol) and I feel all-around good!

Photo 5-21-16, 08 33 34

Next week is more of the same – I am going to spend this evening planning out when I am going to do my sessions, when I am working with clients and when I am going to get my cardio in… and as it is coming up to the end of the month I will soon be doing my body composition test. If you go back to last months body update, you’ll see that I wasn’t able to do a body comp because the machine wasn’t working – so I took that as a sign that I didn’t want/need to see the results post diet break lol! So this will be a 2 month update from the end of March until the end of May. Hopefully there has been some muscle gains – we’ll see!

See you next week!!