The Ibiza Diaries: Eyes on the Prize! Weeks 3 & 4

Hey team!! Hope you’re all doing OK this fine Saturday morning?!

Sorry I didn’t post my weekly round up last week – we had visitors for 10 whole days and it was all a bit of a whirlwind if I’m honest. BUT – considering all of the crazy – I still managed to get pretty much all of my workouts in (I think I just missed one session in the past 2 weeks).

The leg DOMS are for real after the heavy lower session at the beginning of each week, pretty much cuts me out for anything leg related for 3 days afterwards, so thank god theres upper body workouts to do while I wait for myself to heal lol! But I think the baby quads are growwwwing 🙂

Photo 5-10-16, 11 57 50

Honestly – it was a struggle walking for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week – but I got out onto the F1 track and walked to try and loosen up the muscles, and me and Matt walked along the Corniche in Abu Dhabi for a sunset workout on Thursday night.

I actually did a sprint session last week too – lean in 15 style – and it was an absolutely KILLER! Throwing in the different workouts really keeps it fresh for me, and it helped me  out tonnes because I didn’t have much time on my hands and I needed to sweat!

Photo 5-6-16, 06 24 12

Post Sprint Sweat-Face!

In other news: There have been some times in the past couple of weeks when I have been super tired. It’s been really strange because I was less tired when I was doing all of the workouts and was in an office with a full-time job. So now I’m officially self employed, working for myself at home trying to gain new personal training clients, I’ve been feeling exhausted! Maybe the feeling will go away now that we don’t have visitors to entertain at the same time – we shall see!

I’ve even been pretty damn tough on myself with my nutrition, even when we had visitors here! I took my pre-prepped meals out with us and made healthy choices when I was eating out with everyone. I kept up with my alcohol-avoidance too! That makes it 30 days since my last beveraaaage. Jheeeesus. Only 84 days to go lol! Me and Matt had a massive prep session on Wednesday, so we have all of our meals prepped for the next week. We made 20 in total and it only took us a couple of hours. It’s sooooo much better to get all of the prep out of the way in one go – and it’s soooo much easier to work together on this kind of thing. More hands make lighter work and all that!

Photo 5-11-16, 21 21 32

Other than that – I don’t really have any other updates on the countdown to Ibiza 2016! I’m checking in with Lucy every Wednesday morning now so I’ll keep you updated with that! I was struggling this week because my weight hasn’t budged in a while, so right now I feel really determined to work hard to reach my goals. I’m not going to have a free-meal this weekend or next week at all as I really want to see some proper changes in my body. It’s frustrating that I’m not back down at 60kg yet, but I really don’t know what’s happening with my muscle etc so I need to get on a body comp machine soon to see what’s going on.

I’ll see you all in next weeks update!