My Top-Five Female Fitness Vloggers

I am wayyyyy behind on this particular bandwagon, but I’ve recently got totally addicted to some certain fitness bloggers on YouTube, and with everyone (apart from me) heading to the Body Power Expo in Birmingham this weekend, I’ve been following my favourites on their journeys to the UK. So I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know what my favourite channels are at the moment…

Photo 5-12-16, 13 20 08

Heidi Somers (aka BuffBunny) was the first fitness vlogger that I followed. I’ve been trying to remember why I started watching fitness videos in the first place and I can’t actually think of the reason why…but it soon became a habit which I definitely haven’t shaken off yet! Heidi’s story is relatable because she has been overweight and worked hard to create the most incredible body! She does workout and competition prep series’, and I’m really looking forward to the next comp prep with her! Plus she’s hilarious and loves doughnuts – what’s not to like?!

Find Heidi’s channel here

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Nikki was followed shortly after Heidi (probably through a recommended link), and I like her channel because she’s honest, funny and her videos aren’t over-edited. You quite literally get to live her life and watch her struggles and triumphs along the way. Once again, I haven’t gone through a prep series with her yet, but I think it would be really interesting to watch! She’s works with Gym Shark (#Goals) and so you get to see photo shoots etc as well!

Find Nikki’s channel here

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I think Meg is the most ‘normal’ person out of all of the YouTubers that I follow, and she was the first non-bikini competitor that I followed. I like to see the different workouts that she does (she’s a power lifter) as it shows that there are other classes to compete it. She’s completely honest 100% of the time, and she even recently uploaded a video about the pros & cons of using steroids to aid performance and physical appearance. Controversial or what?!!! Love it!

Find MegSquats channel here

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Chelsea is another non-bikini competitor that I follow. She has literally just enrolled herself in a figure competition though, and I am really excited to watch her go through prep and I think it will be really interesting to see the outcome on show day. She works a lot with some of the male vloggers that I follow (post on that coming soon) and she has her own apparel brand that she is working hard on. Her ‘Sunday Sessions’ which is pretty much a panel talking about different fitness related topics really grabs my interest too! Plus she hates cardio so – WIN!

Find Chelsea’s channel here

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Em Dunc is my most recent vlog subscribe, but I wish I had found her sooner! Even for the quad selfies alone! Em has literally just finished a show, and is going straight into her next one – so I find her discipline really motivational when I just can’t be arsed. She’s absolutely hilarious too – scatty and funny – which makes her videos a great watch.

You can find Em’s channel here