The Ibiza Diaries: Week 2

Two weeks down, leaving 14 weeks until my best friends wedding and Ibiza 2016!!!!

Here’s the overview of my new training plan, if you didn’t manage to catch it last time!

Sunday – Lower Heavy

I was a bit apprehensive going into this weeks lower workout, considering the ridiculous amount of pain I ended up in last week. I was so scared that I didn’t move up with any of the weight that I did last week, BUT going through the moves made me realise that I can definitely go up with a couple of the exercises next week! This is the longest workout of the week – 1.5hrs – and I think it’s really good to get it out of the way on a Sunday!!

Monday – Upper Heavy

I got the workouts the right way around this week, and smashed upper heavy! I increased weight on 4 exercises and really worked hard. My warm up is pull ups, and I still can’t do them unassisted – but I am working on it!! There wasn’t much pain from yesterdays workout either, which really drummed in the fact that I need to up the weight a bit.

Photo 4-25-16, 07 01 46

Tuesday – Long Ride

On Tuesdays, we ride! Another evening at Yas Marina Circuit with Matt. It was a busy one this week, as Mark Cavendish was riding to promote the Abu Dhabi Tour returning this year. Me and Matt got just under 2 hours in, which was just over 44kms.

Photo 4-26-16, 20 04 19

Wednesday – Rest Day

I spent most of today feeling sorry for myself for some unknown reason. It was definitely one of those days where I really didn’t want to do anything – and so I pretty much did just that.

Thursday – Lower Body Volume

I seriously needed my favourite motivational video this morning. I was NOT feeling it, but forced myself to start the warmup and watched the video throughout. It really helps put into perspective why I am training and dieting and what I want as the bigger picture! This workout isn’t as physically tough as the heavy day, but it still has it’s moments! The supersets of cable kickbacks and squats with side kicks at the end are KILLER!

Friday – Upper Body Volume

It was beach day for me and Matt today, so we had to get to the gym beforehand to get through a workout before we got to hang out in the sun! I did the last lifting workout of the week, upper volume. This is the easiest training day for me – I seem to smash through the workouts, but I definitely feel a pump at the end of it (my delts still hurt while I write this on Saturday evening)

Photo 4-29-16, 10 08 20

Saturday – Rest Day

I was due to have some photos taken for the blog and website today, and we managed to get a few done, but I didn’t have the permits to be able to take any photos outdoors at my building so after a few hours of faffing around we had to call it a day. Then it was food shopping and food prep finishing off the rest of the day!

Photo 4-30-16, 19 18 27

Week 2 – Overview

I know that I didn’t get all of my workouts done this week, and I feel terrible for it. I missed out on some cardio sessions in favour of feeling sorry for myself. There is absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t be giving this a million percent, because it’s not like I don’t have the time to workout! I need to remember why I am doing this, remember to look at the bigger picture and realise what I want 14 weeks down the line, rather than what I want right now.

My nutrition hasn’t been ideal this week either, and for the most of it I don’t even have an excuse. I need to reign it in BIG time.

Typing this right now, I feel focused and ready to really smash this week. I need to make sure I get all of my workouts in, and use the food I have prepped to ensure that I eat well.

Another week down – another week closer to my goals!

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  1. I have to keep my eyes on the bigger picture as well, thanks for putting things in perspective…it’s not just us bigger girls who have had days! Thanks for sharing!


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