Body Update: May

I decided to write and post my pre-weigh in thoughts yesterday, so you can have a look at them here, but it means we can get right to it with the weights and measurements…

Weights and Measurements

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 10.03.04

Unfortunately  I couldn’t get my body composition results today as the machine wasn’t working – but I did take my measurements. As you can quite clearly see, they haven’t gone in the right direction this month, and we all know why. With my diet break turning into a ‘eat all you can while you can’ I actually went up over 5kgs (I went up to 65.3kg!!). That does mean that in the past 2 weeks I have managed to drop just under 3kgs (just over 6lbs) and I can’t really be too upset about that!

The diet break did make me realise that binging on all of the crappy foods makes me feel crappy, and I don’t like feeling like that. It’s literally not worth it.

Progress Photos…

Well I wouldn’t exactly call them progress photos from this month to last, but I can definitely see the progress from the beginning of my journey…

Photo 5-1-16, 09 58 01Photo 5-1-16, 09 57 05

So – as you can see – I am looking a little fluffier than last month when I hit my all time low body fat percentage. I wouldn’t say it’s terrible – but for me of course it’s not in the right direction.

The Plan Going Forward…

With my new plan from Lucy at Team Superfox, I have a new found focus on where I am going. I have 14 weeks until my best friends wedding and mine and Matt’s holiday to Ibiza. I need to keep this focus for ALL of those weeks to make sure I am in the best place possible when I step out in that wedding party or out on that beach. I want to look and feel my best and I am going to try my damn hardest to get there!

My short term goal is to stay on track when we have Matt’s parents visiting this week. I’ve prepped my food, I’ve called ahead to the Dubai hotel to make sure there is a fridge in the room so I can take some of my meals with me and I’m driving so that I am not tempted to drink.

My medium term goal is to get through the next two weeks of workouts so that I have completed the first month of the new plan. Hopefully I will see some improvements physically and I will get my body comp done at the end of those two weeks to see how I’m getting on. Hopefully the machine will be working then!!