The Night Before the Weigh-In…

I’ve kinda let this weigh in creep up on me without even realising! I always write a little section the night before the weights and measurements are taken, so that I can write honestly without the results making me biased – so I though I may as well post it the night before too!

When I had my diet break at the beginning of April, I said to myself that I wasn’t going to jump on the body comp machine at the end of the month, because I know full well that the all of the measurements would be skewed. BUT, when starting my new training and nutrition plan with Lucy at Team Superfox – she’s asked for pictures/weight/photos every week – so I thought I might as well.

I’m really not holding out any hope for the weigh in tomorrow. The beautiful 17.8% body fat from last month will be long gone and I’m going to be sad. I feel like my measurements are going to be horrendous because I feel all chubby & fluffy, and I know that my weight will be up from last month because I’ve been weighing in daily since the end of my diet break.

Feb-March Dates

Throwback to the beaut of 17.8% BF.

I ended the diet break 2 weeks ago at 65.3kg, and as of today I weighed in at 62.5kg. Yes, of course it’s great that I’ve lost some of the weight…but I’m angry at how I let myself lose control over the break and put on FIVE KILOS!! I honestly thought most of it would be water retention, but I guess not!

All I can do now is wait and see until tomorrow morning. If it’s a bad result, all it can do is spur me on to get back to how I was…so watch this space!