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Being on a diet is real easy…(said no-one EVER)

I actually had to spend some time at the beginning of my new diet and training plan un-following amazing restaurants and foodie blogs on every social media I have. The pure temptations thrown in my face on a daily basis were enough for me to fall dramatically off the wagon.

Then along came Icons Coffee Couture

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Yep. Can you see that? It’s a melt-in-your mouth Hot Chocolate Cake with Caramel Pecan Ice Cream slowly melting beside it. And practically guilt free?! You’ve GOT to be kidding me!!

But before I delve into the incredibly delectable menu, let me give you a little more detail on the brand itself.

To nourish from the inside out…

We were introduced to the new cafe in Deerfields Mall by the founder of Icons – Elena Weber. Model turned business woman – Elena was inspired by the lifestyle, trends and artwork of the fashion industry and set out to create beautiful & fascinating lifestyle locations that make you feel like an Icon in Vogue Magazine.

And beautiful it is! Though small – the Couture Coffee Shop instantly makes you feel like a million dollars, with the warmest welcome and luxurious comfy chairs to perch on whilst perusing the menu.

 Photo 4-28-16, 11 53 25Photo 4-28-16, 11 53 31

I could have gone for any one of the amazing drinks on the menu, but I saw an advert when I first walked in for Bullet Proof Coffee – and I had to give it a go! What better place to try than a Couture Coffee Shop which boasts an incredible brew (along with the Worlds Most Exclusive Coffee Ceremony – which I will delve into later on in this post).

The Media Launch allowed us to try various menu items – and we started with the savoury choices of Mediterranean Wrap and Norlander Toasties. Now, I generally order something with at least a little protein involved, but both of these vegetarian options were really yum, beautifully warmed, and served as the perfect start to our culinary journey – led by Executive Chef Lara.

We also had a taste of Earl Grey FrozTea (think frozen slushie iced-tea and you aren’t far off), naturally sweetened mango smoothie and sugar-free hot chocolate, all of which could convince any sugar-holic to switch to stevia in a heartbeat.

I’m a sucker for a brand, so I did get a little carried away with the stickers and slogans planted in the food… (which I LOVE btw) and I think these would totally work on me as a little pick-me-up if I was having a less than perfect day.

After our starters, we were presented with our Main Course with a Sweet Twist. Hot Chocolate Cake with Caramel Pecan Ice Cream *drooooools*. The photo says it all really, but I must reiterate the fact that the cake is sweetened only by Stevia (a plant-based natural sweetener) and the Ice Cream is completely naturally sweetened (so no nasties at all!!). Now – some of the other people at the launch mentioned that they couldn’t finish all of the cake, but because I am an actual machine when it comes to food – I could have easily polished it off if I weren’t trying to be polite (soz-not-soz). Being a bit of a health-nut, any kind of cake generally puts me in a sugar coma, but because there weren’t any refined sugars present, it felt like a really naughty treat without the full blown guilt to follow.

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Next up was the highly anticipated ‘Worlds Most Exclusive Coffee Ceremony’. The ever-changing menu at Icons Coffee Couture encourages guests to indulge in coffees from around the globe – the only prerequisite being that it must be in the top 10 most exclusive and expensive coffees in the world. We were given the opportunity to taste Panama Geisha; brewed ceremoniously in-front of our eyes. At AED 180 (or £35) a pop, it already blows the gold-sprinkled Emirates Palace Cappuccino out of the water! Who’d have thought that coffee could be so amazingly exclusive?!

Though my stomach was full of sugar-free goodness, I still managed to try a bite of one of Icons Acai Froyos. Naturally sweetened (of course) with sugar-free whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and pistachio topping. A delightful end to an incredible tasting session.

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Unfortunately, if I hadn’t been invited to this Media Launch Event, I probably would have never even heard of Icons Coffee Couture – and that would have been a tragedy. For someone who has completely cut out refined sugars in her diet, this kind of sugar-free haven  offers me the ideal treat in a more-often-than-not plain existence.

You can find Icons Coffee Couture on the Ground Floor of Deerfields Mall. I would definitely suggest making a pitstop at this Iconic (get it?!) spot. I’ll definitely be making a return to try some more of the guilt-free sweets and treats (with Matt alongside I’m sure – as the white hot chocolate spiked his interest)

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