Struggling with Swimwear…

I have never known any type of shopping to be more difficult!

I can spend hours working on a food plan, convert it into a shopping list and then spend even longer wandering multiple supermarkets to find the right ingredients in a city that imports EVERYTHING (but doesn’t actually sell everything all at one store). That doesn’t particularly bother me – because I like food and I know that it’s going to feed me and make me happy for the next week or so.

But lets talk about bikinis. A simple trip to the mall? HELL. FREAKIN. NO! Being a girl who’s into fitness and working out, you could say that my body fat levels are below the average 26 year old. You’d think that looking half-decent in a bikini would be relatively easy, but by having a slightly wider back and practically nothing up front, it proved rather difficult to find anything that fit well. If I just wanted a plain triangle suit then I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult, but I just want something a bit different. I’m heading to Ibiza this summer and wanted to find something a bit funky!

Victoria Secret

All anyone does is RAVE about VS bikinis. Even more so when the news recently came out that they wouldn’t be carrying on with their swim range anymore. Considering the raving reviews, I thought I would go and check out the collection myself. Personally, all I ever wear daily is sports bras and bralettes, so I was looking for something more along those lines that would be comfortable and maybe make me look half decent on my next beach day.

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.04.18.pngI wanted to try this one. The wrap-halter. A popular choice in VS. But alas – the smallest size available was still too big for me. Amazingly, a member of staff seriously attempted to palm me off with a top TWO SIZES TOO BIG. Like, was she actually kidding? All of the other bikinis were ultra push-up or made for the slightly more blessed woman, so I had to move on over to the kids section (and by kids section – I mean VS Pink lol).

After collecting up a few suits in Pink and being forced to be measured (incorrectly) and then try on 2 bras (which obviously didn’t fit properly and tried to ‘push up’ something that isn’t even BLOODY THERE) I ended up leaving with nothing apart from a couple of crop tops. Not a great first attempt at swimwear purchase.


Even though we live in the UAE, we do still have the same old department stores stocking the same old brands that I was used to baScreen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.44.54ck in the UK. Sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse of ‘same-old, same-old’.

Wandering around the swimwear section I actually found myself getting kind of angry-upset at the fact that I couldn’t find anything that suited my body type, looked good and felt comfortable. Am I asking too much too feel good when I’m most exposed? Laying by a pool or wandering on a beach in a place where everybody looks good is kind of intimidating!! This Sea Folly bikini was the closest I got to trying something on, because I thought the sports-like bikini top would look good, but all I could think about was the terrible tan lines I’d get from it! Imagine being in a polo neck in 40 degree heat? No thanks.

River Island

Though we don’t have the big stores that stock the full range, River Island still had a half decent selection of bikinis. I decided to pick up a few that were seamless, wireless and looked as if they might feign me some curves or at least add a pop of colour to my normally all-black wardrobe.

The tassel bikini was too tight around my back, and the printed bikini was the same. The metal parts of the printed suit would most definitely burn my skin if exposed to this desert heat for too long – so those quickly went back on the shelf. The unlined, unwired blue came bikini actually kinda half looked alright (well, I didn’t feel horrendous in it) and I thought the scrappy back was kinda funky. So, after a good few hours of struggling with swimwear – I actually purchased a real life bikini that isn’t black on black!! Partly because I didn’t want to go to any more stores and try anymore on. It was starting to drain any confidence that I had left in my body – and I wasn’t prepared for any more of that.

Photo 4-25-16, 15 54 02

Me and Matt are heading to a beach club this weekend, and so I will definitely wear it and test out it’s full comfortability on the day. I’m sure you’ll see some more photos knocking around soon enough!

I still want to find some swim suits or bikinis that suit a more athletic body. It’s definitely something confidence-wise that I struggle with…so if you have any suggestions then please leave them in the comments below! 


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