DOMS for a WEEK!! The Ibiza Diaries: Week 1

The title of this post says it all really! The first week of my new training & nutrition programme has been tough! Highs and lows, laughter and tears.

If you didn’t see the overview of my new training plan, then it pretty much looks like this:

– 1 Lower Body Heavy

– 1 Upper Body Heavy

– 1 Lower Body Volume

– 1 Upper Body Volume

– 1 Circuit or Body Combat

– 1 Short Cycle (1hr)

– 1 Long Cycle (2-3hrs)


I started off the week by planning my sessions alongside mine and Matts schedule and writing it down (because that makes it for real).

Sunday – Lower Heavy

I went into this session pretty hyped and ready (because I just watched my favourite motivational video) and kicked it off with some strong squats. The sets and reps were different to what I was used to, so I took this session to figure out the right kind of weight that I needed to use. But MY GOD was it hard!!! I struggled through Glute Presses and Single  Leg Squats, which ended up bringing me to tears (you can read that blog post here)! But I got through the workout, burnt a tonne of calories and sweated like crazy. My legs hurts for the rest of the day, progressively worsening throughout.

Photo 4-17-16, 14 10 28

Monday – Upper Volume

Not actually being able to walk today made it good for an upper body day. I was supposed to do Upper Heavy, but I wrote down the wrong day of exercise and did the volume session instead. Dumbass award goes to this one here! The session was good but I quickly realised that I could go heavier on some of the exercises. I’m working on my pull-ups (they are currently assisted) so it will be really good to see how they progress over the weeks.

Photo 4-19-16, 14 00 08

Tuesday – Long Ride

On Tuesdays, we ride! The F1 track is open on Yas Island so me and Matt took the opportunity to get out on there and ride for a couple of hours. We were planning on an extra long ride on Thursday so I wanted to get ‘warmed up’ for it

Photo 4-19-16, 22 46 51

Oh yeah – my legs and glutes were still hurting here, and it took me a few goes to get off of the bike at the end of the ride.

Wednesday – Upper Body Heavy

So, as I was supposed to do volume day today but accidentally did that a few days ago, I did the heavy session instead. Some new lifts that I haven’t done before meant I didn’t quite reach my potential, but I know what I need to increase so that will be done in the next sessions. Legs and glutes STILL hurting meant that I didn’t get to Body Combat like I was supposed to, so I took the time to rest and prepare for tomorrows ride. I did see some sweet Quad Gainz though!!

Photo 4-18-16, 13 56 04

Thursday – Gran Fondo Day

We hadn’t originally planned on doing the Gran Fondo today – but we set off early and got it done. It was tough, there were tears – and you can read the full blog post on the whole experience here.

Photo 4-21-16, 15 44 16

Friday – Lower Body Volume

After yesterdays stoooopid ride draining everything out of me, I still had to go to the gym and get the lower body session done. It wasn’t hugely enjoyable – but I was glad to not have to pile on a tonne of weights to any of the exercises. I think a volume day is definitely good for when you really don’t want to go. Think tired or hungover or simply CBA.

I swear my legs have been aching all week. I literally cannot think of a day where I can say they’ve been ‘normal’.

Saturday – Rest Day

Week 1 – Overview

I got through the exercises well, and considering me and Matt threw in a Gran Fondo as well – I think I did pretty well! Nutritionally I stuck to the plan, ate at the correct times and took my supplements, so I can’t really say I haven’t given it my all. I went out and bought some digital scales (finally!) and a microwave to help along with prep and making meals quickly and easily. I dropped exactly 1kg this week, so I am down from 63.7kg to 62.7kg. Obviously after the diet break I went up to 65.3kg from 60kg – so I am hoping this week to lose some more of that weight in this coming week.

Photo 4-22-16, 08 46 55

I’m loving me new Ivy Park gear too – and you can read all about the new activewear release here.