My New Plan: Overview

With the diet break over and a couple of days of transitioning (lowering calories gradually, bringing more exercise back in) I though it was about time that I gave you a bit of an overview of my new plan! So welcome to The Ibiza Diaries. Literally the countdown to our holiday in Ibiza and my best friends wedding in the UK. I want to look and feel my best!

Where is it coming from..?

After I posted on Instagram some questions about what my next plan should be, a lovely friend of mine contacted me reminding me that she could write my workout plan, alongside a nutritional plan, to help me reach my goals. So after a bit of back and forth with goals, objectives, time-frames and lifestyle questions, I trusted Lucy at Team Superfox to write up the first section of my 16 week plan.


– 16% body fat. Sustainable. We all know this has been a goal of mine for a good while, and I’m not letting it go! lol! I have my best friends wedding and an Ibiza holiday in 16 weeks, and I am determined to be where I want to be by then!

– Focusing on Legs & Glutes, because this is where I think I lack definition

– Improve cycling and cardiovascular fitness. I’m working up to my first Gran Fondo with Matt this month, so I really need to keep up with riding

I know that it’s probably super awkward of me wanting to get better with my cardio, but also wanting to grow muscle and get definition – but I’ll sure give it a good go!

The Training Plan…

It was so exciting to get my training plan back from Lucy! We’d agreed that I would get 4-week rotations, and then based on my progress we could adjust for the following 4 weeks. My first rotation is made up of:

– 1 Lower Body Heavy

– 1 Upper Body Heavy

– 1 Lower Body Volume

– 1 Upper Body Volume

– 1 Circuit (or Les Mills class – because I ❤ those)

– 1 Short Ride (<2hrs)

– 1 Long Ride (>2hrs)


The Diet Plan…

Getting my diet plan through from Lucy made me happy, because it made me realise that I have been getting my calories right for the past few months. What has changed though is my meal and macro timings. Luckily, I got sent through a food option for each ‘meal’ based on it’s macro content. And so I’m just going to stick with that until I’m a little more used to it. Then I can then change the foods around when I get bored.

I also get an extra 300 cals on one day as a little treat. Me and Matt have already decided that it’s going to be steak day on that day lol!

I will of course be keeping you updated with my progress throughout The Ibiza Diaries. I have to check in with Lucy every week (on a Saturday/Sunday) so I will definitely update you guys too!

If there’s anything you want me to include in the diaries then let me know! You can also follow me on snapchat to keep up with the highs, lows and weird bits. Username: TiffyBarrett


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