Crying in the Gym…

It’s weird isn’t it? Today was the first day of training in my new plan by Lucy at Team Superfox. I made sure everything was planned out yesterday, all of my food was ready to go and I had my exercises written down on my phone ready to smash out in this morning. Of course I was a little nervous too, as I knew Lucy would push me hard to achieve my goals.

I woke up this morning not feeling overly motivated. A little bit of dread had set it and I just wasn’t ‘feeling it’. Me and Matt always watch a specific motivational video when we need a bit of a push, and being 5 minutes long, it was perfect for my warm up!

I found myself getting a bit emotional at the end (which sometimes happens with these videos)…but being on a cross trainer with the morning gym crowd wasn’t exactly the time or place, so I closed down YouTube and got ready to start the workout.

Lower Body Heavy. Oh dear.

I got through the first couple of exercises OK. Being day 1, it’s difficult to determine the right weight, but I got there. Glute Presses on the smith machine are new to me so it took me a good few attempts to get them right, and then it was on to Single Leg Squats on the smith machine. These burnnnnnnnedddd – and then they made me cry. Why?! Who knows! But I finished the 2nd or 3rd set (I can’t remember now) and I could just feel my eyes welling up! A pure surge of emotion…

Luckily, the gym had emptied out a bit and there were only two people left. One on a treadmill and one on the other side of the gym. So in typical ‘cry in gym’ behaviour – I shoved my face in my minging sweaty towel and stayed there until I’dΒ finished with the waterworks! It didn’t take long – 5 or so seconds were all I needed to pull myself together and carry on.

And then it was over. Just like that. Like I’d never been emotional before in my entire life (which Matt will literally laugh out loud at).

Does anything like this ever happen to you? Or is it actually just me and I’ve completely embarrassed myself with this blog post lol!

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  1. Interesting post, it has happened to my girlfriend a few times but never myself (I’m too macho for that πŸ˜‰ ). I have known of guys pushing too hard on the weight and consequently pushing their bowels too. Needless to say, that wasn’t pleasant for anybody!

    Again though, none of the above has happened to myself.


    1. It’s so weird right?! I don’t even know where it comes from and I’m sure your GF will agree – it’s literally a tidal wave of emotion and then it’s over!

      Haha – well I’ve never heard of the guy thing before, but I am sure it definitely isn’t pleasant. I hope it doesn’t ever happen to you! lol x

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