The Diet Break is OVER!!!

So, after 14 days – the diet break is over.

Just like that.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster to be honest, and I don’t really know what to make of it. You will have read in my first post about the diet break, that I was planning on upping my calories to maintenance but still sticking to healthy and whole foods. To say that I didn’t stick to the plan would be a massive understatement! Full disclosure here – I just ate what the hell I wanted. Every. Single. Day! So we can definitely say that I was on a full diet break – no questions there!

It’s one of the two options you have when thinking about a diet break, you can either have a full diet break where you literally stop tracking macros and calories and eat when you’re hungry and (supposedly) stop when you’re full….ORRRR you can up your calories by 500 (or until maintenance) and stop worrying about macro counting.

There were some healthy parts of the two weeks – promise! I still did my gym workouts and some cycling too. I even went to the gym on my birthday!!

There was healthy food too (at points)

Photo 4-12-16, 21 08 54What can I say – I enjoyed the two weeks off, I enjoyed my birthday and I got absolutely everything out of the way th

at I felt like I needed, or had been craving, or had totally cut out of my diet for the past few months.

Yes – that led to a 5kg weight gain (yup, you read it right), but it’ll be interesting to see just how much of that is actual fat gain and how much is water weight from the additional carbs that have been in my diet.

I am now 100% reset and ready to get into my new training programme by the lovely Lucy Walton at Team Superfox. I met Lucy back in 2013 and I have followed her journey ever since then. She’s an incredible inspiration, and I was so happy to get my plan through from her. I’ll do a separate post on what the plan is all about, but there’s 16 weeks left now until my best friends wedding and mine and Matt’s holiday to Ibiza…and I am in full prep mode! Luckily, Matt is joining me on this too – so I won’t be tempted with anything. We need to switch our dinner-dates for cinema-dates. We need to go out and do more activities rather than plan our days around brunch or food gatherings. We’re ready to go!!!

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Wish us luck…!!

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  1. 5kgs? That’s nothing, you’ll lose that again in no time, there’s no way you put on 5kg of fat. You’ll probably find 3-4kg is water retention 🙂 I do wish I could have a cheat fortnight! Great post keep it up 🙂


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