Weekly Round Up: Seventy-Four…

Oooh this week has been a bit of a roller-coaster! Generally emotional in the lead up to my body comp results, but see below for the good, the bad and the pictures!!

That Good Week…

– Doing a 50km ride all on my own-some (and not being bored!)

– Then smashing out a 58km rideย with Mattย a couple of days later!

– Being part of the panel at the first ever #ZomatoCon in Dubai

– Smashing out a double workout at the gym on Monday!

– My body composition results!

– Not giving in and eating my Easter Camel on Sunday…and waiting until after weigh in to munch on it (and I even portioned it out so I didn’t eat too much in one go!)

That Bad Week…

– Struggling after leg day (for about 3 days)

– Going a bit overboard on day 1 and 2 of my diet break and eating a bit more than I should #Brunch

Next Week…

All I am concentrating on for the next two weeks is making sure that I am eating at maintenance, and ensuring that I still get my exercise sessions in – even though my friends are here for mine and Matt’s birthdays. I need to make sure that I am still exercising to ensure that I don’t completely fall off of the wagon!

I’m also going to be starting to put together my plan for the 16 weeks lead up to my best friends wedding and mine and Matts holiday to Ibiza. It’s going to be really cool to prep something that I am going to follow for 4 months – and I am really looking forward to seeing some more positive changes!

In Pictures…



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