The PT Diaries…Week 13

Saturday, March 26th

Saturdays seem to be my go-to rest days at the moment!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 310, Total Calories – 1819

Sunday, March 27th

Today I decided go on a bike ride. All the way through different thoughts entered my head! I started with the goal of 40km, then when I got outside and it was still 35 degrees I changed my mind to anywhere between 20-30km. At the beginning of the ride I was glad I shortened the distance, but as the time went on and my legs warmed up and it got cooler out – I just kept going! I ended up with 50km under my belt, a QOM on Strava and a whole load of proudness for myself!

Total Calories (Strava) – 994, Average HR – 128

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 1099, Total Calories – 2603

Monday, March 28th

Back to Le Meridien with Isaac. Legs, Shoulders, Biceps & Triceps, the same exercises as last week:

Warm Up – 10 minutes treadmill 

Leg Press 3×10 – 90kg, 100kg, 110kg (weight increase)

Alternate Dumbbell Lunge 3×20 – 12kg each, 14kg, 16kg

Leg Curl 3×10 – 35kg, 40kg, 45kg

Lateral Raise 3×10 – 6kg, 8kg, 10kg (weight increase)

Seated Shoulder Press 3×10 – 8kg, 10kg, 12kg

Smith Machine Press 3×10 – 25kg, 30kg, 35kg

Bodyweight Tricep Dips – 3×10

Cable Tricep Pull Down 3×10 – 12kg, 14kg, 16kg

Tricep Kickback 3×10 – 6kg, 8kg, 10kg

Barbell Curl 3×10 – 20kg, 25kg, 25kg

Seated Hammer Curl 3×10 – 6kg, 8kg, 10kg

Cable Curl 3×10 – 12kg, 14kg, 16kg (weight increase)

Active Calories – 203, Total Calories – 281, Average HR – 96

This didn’t feel too bad at all for me! I smashed through the workout, and then went home to wake up Matt as he wanted to spin out his legs on the bike in the gym. And because I felt like I still had a tonne of energy, I went down there with him and did some MORE exercises!

Photo 3-28-16, 13 13 41

Crazy biatccchhh lol

Of course I forgot to turn on my apple watch for this, so I wasn’t able to log the workout calorie burn. Oh well!!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 408, Total Calories – 1912

Tuesday, March 29th

I definitely felt some aches in my legs and glutes this morning. Owieee!!

I had to change my workout days around this week to fit in with my body composition test, so back to the gym this morning with Isaac for Back and Chest!

Photo 3-30-16, 15 10 05

It all felt pretty good and we even managed to take a few videos to mash up!

Evening Update: Because I’m working up to a Gran Fondo (115km bike ride) I wanted to get another long ride in this week. So me and Matt heading up to Yas Island, did a little bit of a ride around there and then joined on to the F1 track once it opened up to the public. 58km’s later and it was my longest ride yet!!

Total Calories (Strava) – 1151, Average HR – 134

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 1477, Total Calories – 3010

Wednesday, March 30th

Achy McAchy-son this morning! My shoulders hurt, my legs and glutes still hurt…I’m a little bit of a walking mess lol!

Luckily I didn’t have a workout this morning, but I did have my monthly body composition test to go and do, which meant I didn’t sleep very well at ALL!

Evening Update: I went down to Primal Gym to do a body combat class after work, as I knew I was going out for leaving drinks for my colleague Lisa – I wanted to at least have my body burning something throughout the night!

Active Calories – 304, Total Calories – 377, Average HR – 140

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 581, Total Calories – 2136

Thursday, March 31st

My bad. I totally didn’t go to the gym today. Terrible person lol!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 142, Total Calories – 1580

Friday, April 1st

I didn’t go yesterday – but I thought I would make up for it and head to the gym this morning for abs

Repeat x 3

Incline Crunch 10kg x 20

Ab Roller x 20

Oblique Twists x 30 each side

Bench V Sit x 20

Russian Twist x 20 each side

Cable Crunch x 30

Back Extension Sit Up 10kg x 20

Active Calories – 166, Total Calories – 220, Average HR – 106

And theennnnnnn! I went to the gym with Matt, and whilst he was cycling I did some leg exercises along with a bunch of other stuff – just working my way around the room really!

Photo 4-1-16, 10 53 49

Active Calories – 206, Total Calories – 279, Average HR – 102

Week 13 Recap…

This week has been realllllly good for exercise. I ended up with a bunch of sessions in and worked myself really hard! The double-dayers really helped, and that meant I got rest days too which is awesome!

Tiff xxx

Thanks for reading this weeks #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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