Body Update: April

As always, I am writing the first section of this blog post in the last few days leading up to my body composition test. It’s just become a bit of a habit – I can reflect on how I think the past month has gone honestly before I know the ‘real’ truth.

Last months goals:

Looking ahead into March, I really want to be super focused on my goals. I want to hit the lower half of 18% body fat. 

Sitting here right now, I’m a little bit scared that nothing has changed. Actually, I’m a little bit scared that I’ve gone backwards. If you don’t remember last months body update, I sat at 19.0% body fat. My goals were anything within 18%, so you can imaging the hilarious-ness of getting nineteen-point-ZERO!!! lol *rolls eyes*

I feel as if I have exercised well this month, the last 2 weeks more so, and my nutrition has been pretty on point. I’ve had 4 days in the whole of March where I haven’t stuck to my macros, and so in a month of 31 days, I have been 87% on point. How can I complain about that?!!

It’s literally taken me until today (the night before the body comp test) to have an iccccckle bit of a break down about it all and really worry. But we can only wait and see… here’s to tomorrow!

I slept terribly (if you could call it sleeping), and so I ended up getting up at 5:30am to get my measurements done and out of the way!

With all of the above said – it’s time to see where we are at with the numbers after my body composition test, weights and measurements….

Weights and Measurements


I was pretty nervous driving to my body comp test after taking my measurements & photos this morning. With only a couple of inches lost – I was seriously worried that I wouldn’t see any difference in my body fat percentage once I got there.

But low and behold!! I stepped on the machine and waited for (an eternity!!) my results. I couldn’t look at the screen while it was doing it’s thing – I was so damn nervous – but once it was all over I looked down and saw that my body fat has dropped to 17.8%. 



I managed to keep it together until I got out to my car – then I promptly burst into tears. lol. Matt always asks whether he should come with me to these monthly weigh-ins, and I always say no, just in case I have some weird breakdown or something. Which I did. Because I was happy, and because I feel as if I work so hard and I’ve finally felt a bit of a reward from it after a couple of months of slowwwwwww progress.

What I am SUPER happy about as well is the fact that my muscle mass has gone UP! I’ve been struggling the past few months with my muscle mass reducing slightly alongside my body fat, and that’s why my percentage has stuck around the 19 mark. Now my muscle mass has increase, and body fat lowered – so the percentage comes down! Can you tell I’m excited…?!!

Remember my goal was the lower half of 18% body fat…and I smashed it!!!

From the Beginning…


Weight – 5kgs (11lbs)

Waist – 3 inches

Belly Button – 5 inches

Belly – 4.5 inches

Thigh – 2 inches

That’s 14.5 inches in total lost since the very beginning

Progress Photos…

Feb-March DatesNov-April

Obviously from the pictures you can see that my mid-section has leaned out a bit, and from the beginning back in November 2014 – there has been a whole TONNE of changes!!

My shoulders and arms are sculpting out too, which is awesome!

Take progress photos – whatever you do!! It’s where you’ll see the most changes!


The Plan Going Forward…

I’ve got some pretty big plans for the next few months, and so I am going to put them in a separate blog post, coming at you in the next couple of days. How bloomin’ exciting?!

Thank you SO much for reading, and stay tuned…


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