My Week with Basiligo…


Recently, I was invited to try out a new online-ordering concept in Abu Dhabi.

Now, never in my life have I seen so many food delivery scooters as I do here in Abu Dhabi. Maybe I haven’t noticed it before – but there is a CRAZY amount of people ordering out, whether it be for lunch in the office or dinner after work.

When I think food delivery, I generally think unhealthy, processed rubbish that I just wouldn’t bother ordering. But Basiligo really caught my interest:

Changing Menus: Basiligo changes their menu daily, with new dishes popping up each week

Ingredients: You can find the full ingredient list under the dish description, on every single item!

Macro-Friendly: Each dish shows it’s macro-nutrient breakdown, which is SUPER helpful for a macro counter like me.

Our Responsibility

We at Basiligo guarantee 100% satisfaction to all our customers, and ensure that meals are made only from the finest and freshest ingredients. We also commit to sourcing locally produced organic food.

How Does It Work…?

It couldn’t be easier to enjoy Basiligo – and being able to order ahead for the entire week, and even pick different delivery addresses and times – was the icing on the cake for me!

I chose to use my week of Basiligo when I was in the final week leading up to an event I was organizing. I didn’t have time to food prep for myself, and I needed something super easy. Using Basiligo meant that I had 5 days of meals sorted in a second! I was able to add all of the macros into My Fitness Pal quickly and easily due to them already being written out on their website.

The Food…

Even though I fell in love with the first dish I tried (the five spice steak) I made sure that I never had the same dish twice. Well, if the first one was incredible, then I was sure that the rest of them were going to be too!

Every single dish I chose was full of flavour, super filling and absolutely perfect for someone like me who had absolutely NO time to deal with food prep. I even split one of the meals in 2 and had it for lunch AND dinner! The Basiligo menu is so varied, so there’s something for everyone to choose from. And with the new dishes coming in each week (alongside the favourites from weeks gone by) then I don’t think I would ever be let down or bored by the choices available.

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And they all come in these cute little boxes ❤

NEW: Basiligo now serves breakfasts, snacks and kiddies meals. I’m yet to try any of the new stuff – but it all looks delicious!

The Service…


Not once was my order late – if anything, it was early a couple of times!! Me being a mega-mind-changer decided that I wanted to change my dish one day, so I hopped onto Basiligo’s online chat and spoke to someone immediately who was able to change my order just like that. It was absolutely perfect!

I got a phone call immediately if there were any issues too. For example – when the ridiculous weather hit Abu Dhabi – they called me instantly to let me know that it was unsafe for the drivers to be out (completely understandable) and that they would get my order to me at the earliest possible time. Communication is key in my book – and Basiligo gets five stars!!

If you are macro-conscious (or even just macro cautious) then I would definitely suggest using Basiligo to fuel yourself. It’s one of my top picks in Abu Dhabi for healthy, reliable food delivery – and I recommend it to anyone that asks (and many people that don’t ask too!!)

Basiligo timings:

I was invited to try Basiligo, but the views are all my own, based on my experience.