Life Update…

There’s been an awful lot going on recently, so I thought I would give you guys an update on everything, and a little insight to what’s planned next!

Home Life

Me and Matt moved in together when we moved out here. Previously, we only saw each other on weekends and whenever else we could back in the UK. That’s a massive jump to take right?! Moving in together and moving to a different country all at the same time? I suppose it tested every part of our pretty new relationship, but after 10 months living together in Abu Dhabi, I feel as if we couldn’t be happier. We’ve settled into our jobs well (which for me is now about to change) and we’ve settled into our own little roles around the house and just in general.

Photo 2-15-16, 12 25 10 PM

I think that by not living in the UK we haven’t felt any pressure from anyone, and I think that, so far, this has been the key to our success. We haven’t had to split our time between multiple family visits or special occasions, which has the potential to cause a bit of pressure, and we’ve been able to do everything on our own terms…

…Even getting engaged! 

In typical ‘us’ fashion, our engagement wasn’t exactly the picture perfect moment most girls dream of. It started off with a conversation in a car about getting married, and then a simple ‘well, shall we?’ from Matt when we got home made it official. No ring – yet! We’ve decided to spend this year spending that kind of money on experiences (aka our next holiday lol) and then we can start thinking about saving for the ring and the wedding afterwards. And I won’t be plastering all of the plans over my blog or social media – or else there won’t be any surprises for anyone!!


Things have taken a bit of a turn for me here in Abu Dhabi, with my much loved boss moving on from the events company that I work for. This means that I have had to take a look and figure out what it is I really want to do.

Luckily, at the beginning of this year, I decided to start following my passion and signed up to get my Level 2 Gym and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications. Me and Matt had originally planned to save up bit by bit and start my course in July/August, but there was a really good deal at the end of last year that we just couldn’t refuse! So I’ve been e-learning since January, I’ve completed my Level 2 exams and I am currently studying towards my Level 3 exams next month! Exciting!!! There has definitely been a whole load of juggling everything the past few months!

Photo 3-7-16, 17 46 49


The last 3 months with a PT have been…interesting.

I don’t know if my expectations were wrong, but I just expected more of a drastic change when I came to the way I look. I’ve got stronger though, definitely! For example, my dumbbell shoulder press used to be 8kg per arm, now it’s 14-16kg! My single arm row never went above 10kg and now it’s at 22kg. I don’t know if this is the support of someone actually being there to give me the weights, spot me and help me out – or whether it’s actually all me lol!

Photo 2-21-16, 07 59 41

I’ve got my body composition test this Thursday, and so it will be interesting to see what the whole 3 months has done to me with muscle and fat levels. You’ll be able to see the full update over on The PT Diaries.

After this last week with a PT, I’m on my own. On my own with 17 weeks to go until my best friends wedding, and then our holiday in Ibiza. I think I’ve got a plan in my head, I just need to take some time this weekend and get it all down on paper and ready to follow. It’ll be up by the end of next week so you’ll be able to see what I’m planning to do!

Thanks for reading folks…!

Tiff xxx