Weekly Round Up: Seventy-Three…

This week has been a bit quieter work-wise, but still plenty going on!

That Good Week…

– Enjoying an afternoon in the sun with Matt, then watching Shrek the Musical

– Getting 3 PT sessions, 2 rides, 1 body combat and 1 gym sessions with Matt in this week! That’s the most I’ve done in a LONG time

– Skyping my super pregnant sister and having a cheeky look around her new house

– Planning ahead on ‘healthy baking day’ and adding some of the freshly baked goodies into My Fitness Pal so I don’t overeat on the wrong things

– Booking our summer holiday at Ibiza Rocks! EEEEEEK!

That Bad Week…

– Feeling pretty down and worried about the upcoming body composition test

– Giving in on Thursday and enjoying a dinner out (and dessert!!) with Matt

– Hurting Matt in the gym…but who know his glutes were so weak?! lol

– The DOMS…..ohhhhhh, the DOMS. #Killer

– Feeling pretty down on Saturday – feeling a bit ‘meh’

Next Week…

Sitting here writing this on Saturday afternoon, all I can think about is the body composition test on Thursday morning. I always get so bloody nervous in the week leading up to the test. I don’t go and do anything drastic in the week leading up to, and considering that I’ve been sticking to my macros +/- 5g every day (well, apart from a couple) then there isn’t actually anything I can even do to ‘tighten it up’.

At the moment, I don’t feel any different in my clothes or look any different in the mirror. IΒ reaaaaalllllyΒ want the test to say that I’ve not lost ANY muscle, not a single gram! Right now, I don’t know if I am going to have lost the 0.5% body fat that I wanted to lose this month, but we can only wait and see.

Apart from all of that – next week looks like more of the same. I am heading to brunch on Friday, my monthly post-weigh in ritual lol.

I hope you have all enjoyed your week, and have made some plans for the next one!

In Pictures…