Weekly Round Up: Seventy-Two…

This week has been a bit quieter work-wise, but still plenty going on!

That Good Week…

– Getting through my official choreography recording well!

– Smashing my 3 days of the #ProatChallenge

– Getting my new food processor and making some yummy-ness!

– Getting back into full exercises in the gym after my back injury

– Going to see Deadpool at the cinema

– Smashing a shoulder session with Isaac

That Bad Week…

– Not exercising as much as I wanted to this week

– Not sticking to my macros on Saturday. Mindlessly snacking at it’s best!

– Another week of feeling like I am not seeing any differences in my body. I could go into ranting about it, but I might save that for another post lol!

Next Week…

Next week I want to make sure that I stick to my macros and get back into the exercise I actually like doing. I am relying on the PT sessions to get me through, but I need to do more for myself if  I want more for myself! I want to do body combat and go cycling again – so I need to make sure I actually do that! I’m trying to lose body fat, to get in better shape and look in the mirror and actually be happy. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

In Pictures…



2 thoughts

  1. Auw you are in seriously good shape! That picture of a pizza in a cot is really making me laugh, I am so easily pleased..:)
    3 Day proat challenge sounds darn good to me! 🙂 xx


    1. Aww thank you lovely! It’s a bit of up and down with me at the moment but hopefully I’ll be seeing some changes at my next body comp test!

      The proats were delicious – I was ridiculous happy to take on the challenge lol!

      I hope you’re well hun xxx


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