The PT Diaries…Week 11

Can you believe it’s the end of Week 11 already? It really does feel like only yesterday I started with a PT – the weeks have just flown by so quickly!

Saturday, March 12th

So after the crazy event day yesterday – I took a well deserved rest today! Well, after I had been back to the venue and made sure everything was cleared out and moved 20 crates of water up into our apartment lol!!

Evening Update: I had a super tired/grumpy/weak moment and went on a bit of a foodie rampage in the kitchen whilst I was prepping dinner. Spoon-in-the-jar peanut butter moment, along with some granola and a protein bar. Oooooops!!!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 387, Total Calories – 1891

Sunday, March 13th

Soooooo tired still! It’s funny how much it takes out of you! I kept today as a rest day and just got my work done and then went home.

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 253, Total Calories – 1746

Monday, March 14th

Back in the gym with Isaac, and he said to me that we would be doing a full body workout to prepare my body for the new equipment coming in! Yay – finally!!!

Warm Up – 10 minutes treadmill 

Leg Press 4×10 – 60kg, 70kg, 70kg, 80kg 

Wide Lat Pull Down 4×10 – 25kg, 30kg, 35g, 40kg 

Bench Press 4×10 – 25kg, 30kg, 35kg, 40kg

Shoulder Press 4×10 – 8kg (each), 10kg, 10kg, 12kg 

Tricep Push Down 4×10 – 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg 

Seater Hammer Curl 4×10 – 6kg (each), 8kg, 10kg, 10kg

Active Calories – 201, Total Calories – 271, Average HR – 108

This didn’t feel particularly hard at all really. Yeah, I was pushed a bit on the last sets of every exercise, but I didn’t feel particularly challenged. Maybe Isaac was taking it a bit easy because of my back last week – or maybe I wasn’t pushing enough to say the start weight for the first sets. I dunno :/

After the session, I managed to use one of the empty squash courts at Le Meridien to practice my choreography. Another milestone – I got all of the way through the full session without having to stop or making any mistakes! Yay!!! I’m going to keep practicing this week, and then I will record me actually teaching the class this weekend and send it off to get graded! Eeeeeek!

Active Calories – 268, Total Calories – 337, Average HR – 138

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 705, Total Calories – 2252

Tuesday, March 15th

Rest Day (and I mean REST lol – I hardly moved!)

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 121, Total Calories – 1579

Wednesday, March 16th

Back to the gym with Isaac – and annoyingly the equipment wasn’t ready again so we did another full body workout.

Dumbell PullOver – 14kg x 10, 16kg x 8, 18kg x 6

Single Arm Row – 16kg x 10, 18kg x 8, 20kg x 6

Bench Press – 45kg x 10, 50kg x 8, 55kg x 6 (assisted)

Incline Dumbbell Press – 16kg x 10, 18kg x 8, 20kg x 6 (assisted)

Dumbbell Squats – 12kg each x 10, 16kg x 8, 20kg x 6 

Leg Press – 80kg x 10, 90kg x 8, 110kg x 6

Tricep Kickback – 8kg x 10, 10kg x 8, 12kg x 6

Cable Pushdown – 14kg x 10, 16kg x 8, 18kg x 6

Barbell Curl – 20kg x 10, 25kg x 8, 30kg x 6

Cable Bicep Curl – 9kg x 10, 12kg x 8, 14kg x 6

Active Calories – 255, Total Calories – 287, Average HR – 100

So yeah – we kinda forgot shoulders! lol – oops! But it was a pretty decent workout. I haven’t done leg press in SO long, so it was really good to smash something over 100kg. I’ve never done that before so to pull it out of the bag without building up the Leg Press over the past few weeks is a real achievement for me I think!

Evening Update: I smashed out some choreography this afternoon – I seriously can’t wait until this weekend is over now lol!

Active Calories – 257, Total Calories – 326, Average HR – 134

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 763, Total Calories – 2302

Thursday, March 17th

So as we missed shoulders yesterday, we thought we’d really smash them today!!

Photo 3-17-16, 07 11 31

Active Calories – 169, Total Calories – 232, Average HR – 89

My shoulders were absolutely burrrrrrning up after that session! Such a goodie!

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 544, Total Calories – 2079

Friday, March 18th

Today was my choreography assessment, then I got to sit and have a yummy brunch/lunch with Sarah afterwards. The rest of the day was spent food shopping, meal planning and prep 🙂

Total Daily Burn: Active Calories – 494, Total Calories – 1995

Week 11 Recap…

This week went pretty well really. I managed to get back into the gym sessions properly after my back injury getting better, and I have done pretty well with nutrition. I need to up my game in the next couple of weeks before weigh in – I haven’t been training as much as normal because all of my extra time has been spent learning and perfecting the choreography. Now THAT’S over – I can crack on with some more real training!! I am really worried that there won’t be any changes this month with my bf% though – so I’m going to work really hard on making it happen!

Tiff xxx

Thanks for reading this weeks #ThePTDiaries 🙂

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